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Zero To First Page On Google In 12 Hours Or Less!

How I went from Zero to First Page on Google in 12 Hours or Less!

Zero To First Page On Google

Landing on the first page of Google can be a difficult task but I want to share with you a few simple tips that can make it possible, even if you’re just starting out.

Now I don’t want this to come off as tooting my own horn but, this is something that will help you if you are doing any kind of article marketing or keeping up a blog.

I say zero to first page on Google in 12 hours or less because it may have been a few hours less than 12, but I’ll never really know for sure. (So I thought)

I wrote a new article yesterday about Multi-Viral-Marketing which you can read here.

I had to head off to some meetings and before you know it, it’s 12 hours later.

I got home and thought to myself, hmm, lets see if this mornings article made it to the second or third page on Google yet.

Much to my surprise, there it was, half way down on the FIRST page of Google!

Out of 3.6 million websites talking about Multi Viral Marketing, I was on the first page, mid-way already.

Naturally I didn’t think to take a snap shot of the results until I started working on this post and by the time I did, it showed 13 hours ago.  But I swear when I first checked it out, it was only 12 hours.

I got to thinking maybe I should check another browser to see if the results are any different, so I did. And they were… First page, nothing, second page, nothing, third page, still nothing!  I’m thinking, What The ?@*%^.

Then I spotted it, all the way back on the 4th page!

Feeling somewhat defeated and very puzzled I’m thinking how can this be?  UNTIL… I noticed the “6 Hours Ago”  Meaning after just 6 hours, my article was in the top spot on the 4th page of Google.  Not feeling so bad now…

After another quick re-search and the results were in! WooHoo!  I really did land on the first page of Google in under (let’s call it) 13 hours or less! It’s a darn good thing too, otherwise I’d have nothing to write about right now!

Okay enough story telling, here’s how you can go from Zero to First Page on Google in 12 Hours or Less!

1. Keyword Research!  Long Tail Keywords are the Key!

2. LSI Keywords –  Latent Semantic Indexing

3. Pinging & Indexing

4. Syndicating on Social Networks

Let’s break these down one at a time.

1. Keyword Research Tool and Long Tail Keywords

These are the single most important aspects to landing your articles on the first page of Google. Since I’ve already done an article and a video on the subject I am going to direct you straight to it.  Click Here:

2. LSI Keywords  and LSI Keyword Research Tool

Which simply means, Latent Semantic Indexing. (Whatever that heck that is!) It’s actually a complicated term which has a simple definition.

It basically has to do with words and phrases that are related in context and since Google loves related content, LSI Keywords are powerful to use within your articles.

Often times when doing your keyword research you will find an LSI Keyword that ends up being a better keyword than your original. If that’s the case, go with it.

Zero To First Page On Google Page Rank Keywords

In the illustration above you will see my keyword search and the results for: Global Monthly Searches as well as Local Montly Searches and you can also see the approx. CPC (cost per click) for that keyword if you were doing a PPC campaign.

As you can see, Multi Viral Marketing is not a term that is often searched for. At least not at the time of this writing. As the term becomes more popular I believe the global monthly searches will increase. That is my hope anyway.

Normally I look for keywords with a monthly global search of 600 to 2000. Anything less is almost a waste of time.In this case I am looking to the future for my keyword and want to secure a solid spot on the first page. There is no guarantee once you hold the first few spots for a keyword that you will remain on top forever, but being early to the party and having some good solid backlinks to that article will give you the edge.

In the next illustration you will see a list of all words or phrases that Google deems as “Related”. These would be your LSI Keywords. I suggest using 4 or 5 of these LSI Keywords throughout your article for maximum SEO results. I normally choose the LSI Keywords that are searched for the most and use those.

Zero To First Page On Google

Now that your keyword research is done it’s time to come up with a headline. Be sure and use your main keyword or long tail keyword in the title. I also recommend using the main keyword as close to the beginning as possible.  I am going to refer you back to my previous article and video where I talk about H1, H2, & H3 tags along with all the other important SEO that needs to be incorporated in your article.  It’s all part of my Zero To First Page on Google in 12 Hours or Less so please don’t miss it.

3. Pinging and Indexing

Pinging and indexing your blog post is an important piece of the puzzle and again, I have dedicated an entire blog post to it.

You can find that post here! Pinging your blog will alert the search engines that you have new content for them to index. Please don’t miss this section, going about this the wrong way could get your site banned on Google. It’s not likely but possible so it’s worth the read. There is a great plugin listed in the article that will keep you from over pinging too.

4. Syndicating on Social Networks

This is pretty much my last step in going from, Zero to First Page on Google in 12 Hours or Less.

The first thing I will do is head over to Digg.com and submit my article. You will need to open an account at each of the places mentioned, it’s a simple and time consuming task, but will pay off handsomely if you stick to this script.

Here is a list of the social sites I will syndicate my article on, in this order. Digg, Facebook, & StumbleUpon are the three I do manually.  All the rest I can automate by using the OnlyWire Plugin I have installed on my site. At the bottom of each article you will see a “Bookmark & Share” button.

The remaining sites I bookmark to are: Google Bookmarks, Delicious,  Bebo, LinkedIn, Netvibes, Scrib, Diigo, MySpace, (yes believe it or not) Plurk, and Yahoo Pulse.  At the click of a button I can send to all these sites thanks to OnlyWire.  You can create a free account at all of the above and to make life easy on yourself; once you join OnlyWire you can then create an account at each of the sites listed above.

That’s pretty much it for taking your article from zero to first page on Google in 12 hours or less.

I hope you found some valuable information here and do me a favor if you will… Leave me a comment below and share this with your friends on Facebook & Twitter. Don’t hesitate to add some tips and tricks if you know how to go from, Zero To First Page On Google In 12 Hours or Less!

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  • Richard Petrillo 06/12/2013,

    Thanks Rhonda,

    Circle back around and let me know how it works out.


  • Rhonda Holscher 06/10/2013,

    Thanks for the great tips! I’ve bookmarked this, and can’t wait to try this out.


  • Richard Petrillo 07/06/2012,

    Thanks Suzy,

    Let me know what kind of results you get! Things have changed with Google since this article was written. You might also like:

    Richard P

  • Suzy Wilson 07/06/2012,

    Hi Richard

    Just Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to apply it for myself! Have a great weekend.


  • Richard Petrillo 01/04/2012,

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks man, it’s great to hear from you.
    Long tail and LSI keywords have made all the difference for me. It requires a lot more digging, but its worth it.


  • Ryan Martin 01/04/2012,

    hey Richard!

    Good to see you again. I thought I would take the time and read this post because you are getting some serious traffic to your blog. Great advice about the LSI keywords, I had never even heard that term before.

    • Richard Petrillo 01/04/2012,

      Hey Ryan
      Happy New Year Man! Good to see you as well. Thanks for leaving a comment.
      How are things in your world?


  • Richard Petrillo 11/10/2011,

    Thanks Steve for your advice!


  • Steve Dooley 11/09/2011,

    Great on-site SEO man. Following tbese steps will definitely get your site quickly indexed on Google….If u choose low competition keywords you can absolutely land an article on the first page. The only thing I would suggest would be adding baclinks to help.get more Google juice to your site.

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