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Work With Me – Job Position Openings!

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Are you one of the millions of Americans out of work right now?  Or just terrified that your job position is next in line to get the ax?

No job position is safe or secure in this current economy!

With so many ways to make money these days, especially with the economy in a downward spiral now is the BEST time to start your own home based business. You read that right! This is the absolute best time to be in Network Marketing. Millions of people are in exactly the same position as you, and many are searching online for a way to increase their cash-flow, fire their boss, and secure a great job position, but have no idea how to go about it!

I’ve spent a lot of time researching the hundreds of businesses available online, and have found one that is truly unique. I have dedicated myself to helping others become successful online. So, if you want to take full advantage of how I can help you become successful, contact me below and let’s get started today!

I would be happy to coach you, FREE of charge.

BUT… I want to make this perfectly clear, I am not looking to work with everyone. I am only interested in working and helping those who are interested in helping themselves. Hard Working, Dedicated, Goal Oriented people who know how to take charge and dive in HEAD FIRST.

This is not some get rich quick scheme, do a little, earn a lot job position!   It’s a Work your Butt OFF, GET RICH in 24 to 36 months building a residual income business for life… job!


Are you working a full-time job right now and can only dedicate a few hours a week to your new business?   No problem, as long as you are coachable, trainable and willing to follow proven systems, then I would love to help you build your business. Together we can get you going in the right direction and eventually making the transition from working in that corporate dead end job position, to owning a successful business.

A business where YOU are the BOSS. YOU decide where and when you want to work. YOU create your own job position building residual income starting today!

If this sounds like an interesting proposition, contact me at richard@richardpetrillo.com and we can go over the application process together and get you on your way to Financial Freedom.

To your successful future!

Richard Petrillo Richard Petrillo

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Secure your job position today!