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Work From Home Business Ideas

Work From Home Business Ideas  Something Old, Something New!

Work From Home Business Ideas

Lately there have been so many work from home business ideas that have turned into full fledged legitimate work from home businesses that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Almost any business idea you can think of is now being marketed online and some have really changed the way people live, shop and do business.

Some of the hottest work from home business ideas right now are in the Health/Wellness and Weight Loss arena.

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Our country has slipped into the age of obesity and our children are most at risk! Childhood Obesity – Wikipedia.

Home based businesses that offer a solution to loosing weight, working out, and creating a lifestyle change are everywhere. To the tune of 178 Million sites that turn up from a Google Search for – Weight Loss Business.  We’re talking big business!

Here Are A Few Healthy Work From Home Business Ideas That Have Taken Off!

PX 90Killer workout program that changes the way you look in 90 days! They have a series of inexpensive home workout products, extensive training dvd’s, and a whole line of nutrition products their customers can purchase.

Visalus Sciences – Take the BodyBy Vi Challenge. Another 90 day challenge that will transform the way you look and feel! This company is on fire right now. Visalus products include solutions to three main challenges when dieting. 1. Eating right and cutting calories. 2. Boosting a tired metabolism and helping with energy. 3. Helping clam hunger and the stress of dieting. Along with exercise, the company offers a variety of products from the Vi-Pack, to a variety of Health Shakes.

The health industry is booming, but if you check this out, there are so many different companies that have been born from a simple business idea and are doing very well.

Take Numis Network for instance. This is a very different type MLM work from home company. They have built a remarkably successful home business by selling MS70 graded Gold & Silver coins.

BUT, as great as these Work From Home Business Ideas Are…

Most have ONE thing in common. They require you the independent rep to sell a product and they have an expensive monthly Auto-Ship attached, which you must maintain in order to qualify to be paid!  Thus making it difficult to be cash-flow positive when first starting out.

I’ve recently come across a very unique home based business opportunity that is built entirely around the Personal Development Industry. Actually, they have incorporated three, 1 billion dollar industries at the same time.

Personal Development, the Mobile App industry, and Direct Sales. Its brilliant! 

You can learn more about it by clicking here!

Imaging owning a home business where you aren’t asking people to spend money on things they don’t want or need. They can join for free, then, either choose to become a customer for $6.95 per month, which will give them limited access to Mobile App content. Or for only $9.95 a month, they can become an affiliate, share the service, have full access to everything available, and create a residual income.

It was my goal to shed a little light on just a few differences between “The Old vs.”The New” Work From Home Business Ideas that are available.

If you have some other thoughts or work from home businesses ideas that you’d like to share, please leave me a comment below.


Effective leadership skills, Richard Petrillo

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  • Richard Petrillo 06/03/2013,

    Hey Steven,
    Thanks for stopping by. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Anyone looking for a passive stream of income that offers real value at the same time, will be hard pressed to find something better than this. Personal development is something we all can benefit from.

    They just added a new App called Tax Shield. It tracks all expenses and categorizes them for you. It even has a GPS mileage tracker. No more shoebox receipts for me. lol

    Thanks again,

  • Steven 06/02/2013,

    Hi there Richard P. You’ve got a very interesting topic here. I really love this. Thank you so much for sharing this to us. I’ve got many business ideas but i’m still not so sure if i am going to do this. Maybe I need your guidance to succeed this ideas. I’ll be keeping in touch with you. Thanks!

  • Richard Petrillo 01/29/2012,

    Hey Mario,

    Thanks man! Glad to hear your BeachBody biz is going well. Working from home and helping people is the best, isn’t it?


  • Mario wilson 01/29/2012,

    Great post! I currently am a Beachbody coach selling p90x etc and now that my business is off of the ground, I’ll look into this Invado. I love working from home, helping people and spending mire time with my family!

    • Richard Petrillo 01/29/2012,

      Hey Mario,

      It’s great to have you here, thanks for stopping by. I also want to thank you for all the RT-ing you’ve been doing over on Twitter!
      Glad to hear your Beachbody biz is going well! InVado is starting to take off for me too! If you get a chance, check out my latest marketing funnel. This will give you a pretty good idea whats going on with Daily Referral.
      Take good care!
      Look forward to talking with you soon,

  • Richard Petrillo 08/03/2011,

    Hey Steve,
    Yeah, its pretty different, not asking people to spend money on something they don’t really want. Go for No has a new meaning.


  • Steve Dooley 08/03/2011,

    Great post man. Anyone looking for a home business would love this. Can’t wait to see what Invado is all about. Sounds very profitable!!!

  • Richard Petrillo 08/02/2011,

    Thanks Roshanda!


  • Roshanda Gilmore 08/02/2011,

    Such great biz ideas laid out here Richard!

    Thanks for such a eye opening article!

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