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Why The Elevation Group Will Change The Way You Invest!

The Elevation Group

The Elevation Group or EVG began back in October, 2010 and is the brain child of Mike Dillard.

After generating millions of dollars in network marketing, Mike set out to learn the investment strategies of the ultra wealthy. There was only one problem, the ultra wealthy don’t exactly run around sharing their secrets.

Traditional money managers, wall street tycoons, business universities are all teaching the same thing…

Basically, give us your money and “Trust” we will invest in whatever will make Us the most commission. Um, Ah, Uh, I mean, whatever will yield you the biggest gains.

We’ve all seen how well that strategy worked, right? Buy and hold quit working back in 2000. In 2008 when the economy came crashing down again, who was most effected? The Middle Class!

My parents, your parents, and just about everyone I know, lost 50% of their savings almost overnight. 

Fast forward to today where every American’s nightmare is coming true… The IRS scandal that is unfolding right before our eyes has completely erased any trust we had left in our government.

The Elevation Group is all about taking your financial future and putting it back into the hands of the most capable, YOU! 

These strategies won’t be found in text books, discussed by your broker, money manager, or college professor!

They simply don’t know this stuff, or don’t want YOU to know it exists.

What You Will Learn Inside The Elevation Group!  

Become Your Own Bank

* How To Become Your Own Bank – The Cash Flow Banking System!

* Asset Protection

* How To Invest $110,000 Into Your IRA Every Year – Legally 

* How To Profit From Hyperinflation

* Real Estate Strategies That Can Turn $50K Into 20M

* How To Increase Your Monthly Cash Flow With a Home Business

* How To Create A Tax Free Retirement

* How To Protect & Profit From The Next Great Wealth Transfer

* How, When, Where, To Buy Gold & Sliver

* How To Diversify Overseas

* Meet The Best CPA and Wealth Strategist in the US

Self education will make you a millionaire according to Jim Rohn. If you don’t take control of your financial destiny, no one will do it for you!

Mike Dillard



This Group is a membership based self education program. It offers dozens of video strategy sessions complied from interviews with some of the worlds most wealthy investors. It doesn’t matter if you have tens of thousands to invest, or are just getting started building your financial fortune… This membership group is the ONLY place you will find this information.

A recent session by Mark Ford, a contributor of the Elevation Group shares two rules.

Rule #1: “Never, ever lose money. Ever!”

Rule #2: “Grow richer ever day!”

Rule # 2 is as simple as setting aside $10 each day to ensure you’re just a little bit richer today than you were yesterday.

The EVG Group is designed to ensure that you can do just that!

With next great “Transfer of Wealth” about to take place! The question is, are you positioned to take advantage of it?

With all the talk these days regarding precious metals, gold and silver should be a percentage of everyones portfolio. Recently the Elevation Group sent out an email asking all its members to watch this extremely powerful video regarding the importance of putting the US back on the Gold Standard.

This video is too important and powerful to miss. 

From the moment it starts, it will suck you in with compelling facts on why coming off the Gold Standard has destroyed our monetary system by allowing the Fed to print money like its water.

There is a nation wide movement going on right now to have the largest petition ever brought to the steps of congress to bring the US back onto the Gold Standard. Check out the video below. (it will blow you away)

To Learn More About The EVG to see if its a good fit for you and your family, CLICK HERE! 

The Elevation Group has completely taken all the risk out of the equation with their 30 day money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by educating yourself with these wealth strategies..


I’ve been a member since the start and even though at first, I had very little to invest, I was able to implement some of these strategies for myself, as well as for family members. That’s the great thing about self education, sharing the knowledge with others. Everyone I know who has embraced the EVG has benefited immensely.

Your financial future is in your hands! If you are like most who have stood by and watched their 401k or IRA be reduced 25% to 50%, click the link above to learn how to change your financial destiny forever!

To Your Financial Security!

Richard Petrillo Richard Petrillo

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  • Richard Petrillo 09/21/2013,

    Hi Terri,
    I agree, after the last several years it’s impossible to trust most financial planners and the Wall Street gang… The EVG has some amazing ways to invest and recently started offering a Lifetime membership. Its well worth the time to look into it.
    Thanks for leaving a comment! I hope you have a great weekend!


  • Terri Levine 09/16/2013,

    I just found your blog and it’s has very interesting topic which lures me to read all the way down. You were right! You know I already have an initial concern about my savings and money put in the bank and insurance companies because I cannot trust them anymore given that what we witnessed is true before our very eyes. I was planning to invest them on my own without having to put them in someone else’s vaults. And thanks to your EVG tips. They are really like an awakening. More power, Richard!

  • Richard Petrillo 06/22/2013,

    Thanks Sandhya,

    I appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment!


  • Sandhya 06/15/2013,

    Great Summary with easy explanation All point of this article are valuable & useful.

  • Richard Petrillo 06/03/2013,

    Hey Roger,
    You’re exactly right. It is a shame and I know people of all ages who have decided to steer clear of the market recently. I am one of them. Looks like we all missed a good run up, but it won’t last.

    My plan is to stick to what the EVG is teaching and work with what I have available right now. Having some gold and silver as part of any portfolio just makes sense, especially with what’s going on in the world today. I’ve started to create my own bank too, great concept.

    Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your input!

  • Roger 06/03/2013,

    It’s a shame what has happened to so many people and their life savings over the last 10 years. Even with the DOW reaching new highs this year, I know far too many elderly people who wouldn’t think about getting back into the stock market after what happened. The housing situation just added insult to injury.

    This seems like a great way for those looking for an alternative to the market to protect and grow their financial future. I wish this had been around 10 years ago, my personal finances would look a lot different right now.
    Taking America back to the gold standard as the video explains is an awesome idea. Not sure it will ever happen, but I’m signing the petition.

    Thanks for the great article!

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