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The Google Social Networking Site – Are You In?

The Google Social Networking Site Has  Everyone Talking!


Social Networking sites are all the craze and if it’s not enough having to deal with 3 or 4 of them already, Google has come up with it’s own social networking site. google+

At first I was trying to ignore all the buzz but after getting several invites to join what is sure to be one of the top social networking sites, I had to take a look around. Not to mention the fact that just recently I heard someplace this new social networking site already has 10 million users.  Hard to ignore those kind of numbers.

Well, with so much info floating around about this new google social networking site I decided to stop by a good friend of mine Vicky Berry’s blog, http://mlmdreamsaver.com which is a place I often look too for advice and to see what is the latest and greatest…

I’m not quite sure how she keeps up with EVERYTHING the way she does, apparently sleep is not high on the priority list. But if I need to know what’s happening, her blog is usually my first stop.  She always has such detailed posts which are loaded with great content.

Sure enough, Vicki had done an article on “The New Google Social Network”. So rather than spend time doing a ton of research on the subject I decided to bring a portion of Vicki’s post to you, with her approval of course.

Please check out her blog for the entire skinny on“The New Google Social Network, Where Google+1 and Email Privacy/Publicity Meet”.  You won’t want to miss what she has to offer, especially the email privacy part.

Google+1 Button’s Home; the Google Social Networking Site

Most of us have heard by now about the “Plus 1″ button from Google, but its use might have seemed a bit obscure beyond the click to vote approval on a piece of content.

What was not as apparent was that much bigger plans were in motion for a new Google Social Network, ‘Google+‘.

Currently in a trial phase, the Google social network is available on a limited basis. Users can invite 15 people (let me know if you want one), or you can sign up here for updates.

As for where the ‘+1′ button appears in Google+, it is similar to how the ‘Like’ button appears in Facebook, except that you have a list of your ‘+1′s in a profile tab.

More on that in just a minute, but I wanted to first give you an idea how I stumbled across the Google social network.

As I checked my Gmail the other day, a notification appeared that said someone had ‘added me’ on ‘Google+’.  A little red dot caught my attention, and then a little pop-up, just to the right of my name on the top bar of the Gmail window. I didn’t do anything else about it at the time, I have enough to contend with in my inbox!

Google Social Networking Site

A couple more of the same type notifications appeared within the next day or so, and then I received an email from Google+ saying someone shared a post with me. In that email was a link to ‘Learn More About Google+’.

So Where is the Google Social Network?

That’s a great question Vicki and to find out where:

Click Here To Read The Rest Of Vicki’s Article on the Google Social Networking Site!

The Google Social Networking SiteABOUT VICKI

I’m an Internet Marketing and Social Media Consultant, Network Marketing Coach, Nutrition and Health Nut and Software Engineer. My commitment is to help others expand their online business through the application of Attraction Marketing Principles, Social Media strategies and Traffic Generation techniques.

Thanks Vicki for always having such great content and I appreciate you letting me share it with my readers!

Leave Vicki and I your comments and thoughts on The Google Social Networking Site below and please be sure and share this article with all your friends on Facebook other social networking sites.

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  • Richard Petrillo 05/17/2012,

    Thanks Penny,

    I appreciate you stopping by!

  • Penny Turko 05/16/2012,

    Awesome Post you two!! You are both so true to your designation of Coach/Trainers. Thank you for your ongoing creation of fantastic content!

  • Richard Petrillo 07/30/2011,

    Hey Ro,
    Talk about things changing fast… Last count is now 20 million users and that will probably change dramatically before I even finish writing this! LOL

    Glad you stopped by!

  • Roshanda Gilmore 07/26/2011,

    Hey Richard …and Vicki!

    Great post! Glad I stopped by cause I’m so out of the loop when it comes to Google +! I’m still debating on if I’m jumping in or not but this post highlighting that it already has 10 million users IS pretty hard to ignore. You’ve inspired me to take a closer look!

    Thanks a bunch!!

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