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Tapestri Compensation Plan and Affiliate Program Explained

What’s Your Data Worth?

How Tapestri Pays You For Your Phone’s Anonymous Location Events!

If you’ve been involved in network marketing or an affiliate program in the past, then you know how confusing some of these compensation plans can be.

The good news is, the Tapestri compensation plan and affiliate sharing program is the simplest pay plan you will ever see. For starters, Tapestri will be releasing a new App this summer, (2021) which will pay ALL users for their anonymous data.

Everyone who downloads the free app will earn between $5-$25 a month on their own location data.

These are average consumers, and are not required to be a part of the affiliate program. As a free user, you can tell a friend about the app and if they download it, you will earn a $1 per month for every referral. There are no limits as to how many people or dollars you can earn as a non-affiliate consumer.

This is a passive residual residual income that will be paid out month after month, as long as the App is installed and the “App Location” is set to “Always”.

Pretty simple so far, right? Wait until you see how the Affiliate program works, it’s equally as simple and 2.5 times as powerful. Check out this 3:54 minute video for details.

How to get started with the Tapestri Compensation Plan!

To become an affiliate, just fill out the required affiliate agreement form and agree to the $9.95 monthly subscription fee. As an affiliate, you will get paid on 2 tiers. It works the same as the free consumer pay plan. Everyone you personally refer will be on your 1st tier and everyone who they refer will be on your 2nd tier.

The payout is the same on both tiers. $1 per referral. The more people you invite to download the free app, the more you can make. Want to earn even more? That’s easy, become a Super Affiliate.

To become a Super Affiliate, share the Tapestri App with 10 people who become affiliates, that qualifies you as a Super Affiliate. There is a 50% matching bonus on everyone of your affiliates on your two tiers.

Super Affiliates also share in the “Orphan”rotation of new app downloads. “Orphans” are users who find and download Tapestri on their own, they are not connected to any affiliate or super affiliate. This is free money in your pocket.

I know what you thinking, it’s only $1 per referral, right?

Well, let’s look at a scenario that can and will easily happen. Let’s say you get excited about the idea of making money by sharing a free app and, over time you get 20 customers who download the App.

Of those 20 customers, 10 start making $20 to $25 a month on their own data and see the vision of Tapestri. So, they decide to become affiliates, making you a Super Affiliate. (Remember, even as a free customer you can make $5-$25 on your own data).

These 10 new affiliates go out and do what you did, they get 10 affiliates on their first tier. If you watched the video above you’d know that this basic scenario would be paying you $160 a month plus your own data of up to $25 for a total of $185.00.

Now let’s say one of your affiliates decides to use the Tapestri App as a way to raise funds for their school or sports team. They go out and share the free app with 500 or 1000 students. I’ll let you do the math but as you can see, this “it’s only $1 referral” can turn into thousands of dollars in commissions if done right.

You can learn more about Tapestri and the CEO, Walter Harrison, as he explains his vision for this exciting new app. Let’s see how many people we can help get paid for their data. We are all giving it away for free right now, shouldn’t we be getting paid for it?

Tapestri Affiliate
Click to See Walter Harrison

For a limited time, you can become a Founding Member. Tapestri will waive the first 12 months affiliate subscription fee. From now and up until the the App is released, just pay your first months fee of $9.95, then you will have the next 12 months to build your business so you can take full advantage of the Tapestri compensation plan.

Richard Petrillo
Richard Petrillo

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