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Tapestri App Review

Tapestri App Review

In this Tapestri App Review you will discover why Tapestri exists, the man behind the vision, how and why it pays to share this free app, and how it’s different from all other apps on your phone.

Let’s begin with what Tapestri is: It’s an app that rides along with all the other apps on your phone, silently and in the background. The purpose is to gather anonymous location data from the everyday cell phone user that has installed the app, and PAY them up to $25 dollars each month for their anonymous location information. In addition, there is a “Tap a Friend, Earn a Buck” feature that we will discuss later in this app review.

What you may not know is, most free apps are free for a reason. Buried deep in the “Terms & Conditions” of these apps, (which most of us never read) but agree to, it says they will track our location data, turn around and monetize it, then that data is sold for billions of dollars! How much do we get for it? Not a penny!

Question for you… How many apps do you have on your phone? I’ll bet it’s more than 30 right? If you’re a Facebook user, Instagram, TikTok, Weather, Angry Birds, Gaming, or use any Banking apps… Guess what, they are ALL tracking you and I, and selling our data.

I’ll bet none of those Apps have ever sent you a check have they? I know I’ve never received a dime and I’ve got over 100 apps. In other words, IF the App is FREE, then WE are the Product!

Tapestri exists to change all of that! Their tagline is, “It’s Your Data, You Should Get Paid For It”

Take a look at the man behind the curtain, Walter Harrison as he explains in this short video his vision for Tapestri and how he has monetized data over the last decade.

Walter’s previous company, Complementics has provided mobile location analytics for Fortune 100 companies for years and currently manages data for more than 1 billion devices. Walter sold his company to info.com back in 2015 and to this day is the Chief Revenue Officer.

Tapestri has the advantage of leveraging the customer base of Complementics along with their development team, not to mention the genius of Walter himself.

What Tapestri Will Not Do:

The Tapestri App is not interested in and will never collect texts, photos, contacts, control your microphone or any personal data. It doesn’t know individuals, it is all based on a device ID #. So it has no idea where David, Tom, Susie, or, any one person is, just the location of each device.

If you have not watched the video above, if nothing else, fast forward to the 11:45 mark. It’s fascinating to see the live demo Walter does showing thousands of anonymous devices and their location on a map.

Tapestri App Review: How People Are Paid For Their Data

Tapestri Compensation Plan
Tapestri Compensation Plan

In the beginning of this article I mentioned getting paid up to $25 for your personal data and the “Tap a Friend” feature. Let’s dive further into the Tapestri pay plan.

As the diagram above shows, as a FREE user you will earn $1 for every friend you invite to download & install the Tapestri app. This is not a one-time referral fee like every other app offers, it is a residual $1.00 month after month for as long as they have it installed on their phone.

Share the app with 10 friends, earn $10 (plus up to $25 on your own data). Tell 100 friends, you guessed it, earn $100 every month. Sharing is Unlimited! Tapestri’s goal is to help the average consumer earn dollars for the data they are already giving away for free.

If that wasn’t a big enough incentive to download the free Tapestri app, the founders decided to put a very simple Affiliate Program into place which will pay affiliates on 2 tiers. So now, not only will you be paid on the friends you tell about the app, you will also be paid another $1 when they tell their friends.

I know, $1 dollar doesn’t sound like much but consider this. You tell a friend who tells a friend that has a 25k (or more) following on social media. They make a post about earning $20 for downloading a free app and just 3% download the app based on that post… That’s a residual monthly income of $750 every month. Again, the potential is unlimited. (This example is for illustration purposes only!)

Viral Organic Growth WILL happen as those friends share this app with others. Are you getting a better picture of where is this all going and why I decided to Review the Tapestri App?

The cost to be an Affiliate is a Only $19.95 PER YEAR! This is to cover administration fees, back office and payment processing. Remember, you’ll earn “Up To” $25 just for having the app installed so it can more than pay for itself.

DISCLOSURE: Yes, I am an affiliate (actually I’m what the company calls a Super Affiliate) and would welcome you into our amazing team. If interested, you can use this link: http://Tap2EarnNow.com then click the “Become an Affiliate” button to create your account. I will personally reach out to help you build your Tapestri business.

I just mentioned “Super Affiliate” – Allow me to explain. Becoming a SA is easy, just sponsor 10 personal affiliates direct to you (on your tier 1), you’re now a Super Affiliate. This offers a tremendous advantage to the affiliate compensation plan. Some of our teammates have done this in under 36 hours. 🙂

Tapestri Super Affiliate Bonus Review!

On top of the earning potential mentioned above, Super affiliates earn a 50% Matching Bonus on all Affiliates in their Tier 1 & 2 positions. In addition to that, Super Affiliates will also be given random “Orphan” users, people that find the App on their own and were not invited through an affiliate code. Currently there are only 337 Super Affiliates. The potential over a 12 month time frame will yield hundreds of free users to all SA’s.

50% Matching Bonus EXAMPLE: ~ Teresa is an affiliate on your tier 1. She has a rather large network and has given away our free app to 1000 people. Because you are a Super Affiliate, you will earn $1 dollar for Teresa, along with $1.00 for each of the 1000 people she connected and, $500 (50% matching bonus) because she earned $1000 on the group she shared Tapestri with.

Affiliates you personally sponsor on your Tier 2, you will earn $1 for each of them and… You will make a 50% matching bonus on the $1 they earn. If they have 100 affiliates or customers, you will earn a 50% match, or an extra $50.


As you can see, Tapestri will be a free app that can be downloaded in both Android & iOS stores, (July 2021)

  • It will pay all free users up to $25 each month for their anonymous location data
  • Tap a Friend, Earn a Buck! Free users can earn $1 (unlimited) for each person they share Tapestri with.
  • 2 Tier Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn on 2 Tiers. Friends who share with friends.
  • Super Affiliate Bonus – Earn a 50% Matching bonus on ALL Affiliates on Tier 1 & 2
  • Orphan Users shared with Super Affiliates. (this could be massive)
  • Affiliate Program Cost: $19.95 per year. (not necessary to earn a residual monthly income)
  • *Income Possibilities referred to in this article are for illustration purposes only.
  • Tapestri makes NO income claims other than what is listed below.
  • Tapestri does guarantee to pay all users between $5-$25 monthly, plus $1 for all active referrals who install the app and allow location tracking of the Tapestri app to be turned on.

As far as I can see, there is no downside to using the Tapestri App. It’s going to pay everyone for their own anonymous location data. If you chose to share the app great, you can earn more but it’s not required. There are no coupons to cut, video’s to watch, surveys required to take, just download and install.

Millions of people will install Tapestri on their own… If it makes sense to become an affiliate. CLICK HERE to get started. If you prefer to just be a user of the App, CLICK HERE.

It’s Your Data, You Should Get Paid For It.

Being an early adopter, our group now accounts for about 50% of all affiliates in the company. With that comes some special perks for our team. We are creating special landing pages and marketing material that only our team has access to. We would love to have you join us on this journey.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Tapestri App Review. Feel free to reach out, if you decide to join our team, I will personally email you so we can help you build your Tapestri business.

Richard Petrillo
Richard Petrillo
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