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Supercharge Your WordPress Blog – The Ultimate Tune-Up!

How To Supercharge Your WordPress Blog With

These 4 Simple Tips!

Supercharge Your WordPress Blog

If you’ve been looking for a way to tune-up and supercharge your WordPress blog, and God knows we could all use a tune-up every now and then, you’ve come to the right place.

A good friend of mine by the name of John Engle, who is someone I consider to be a guru when it comes to SEO… (and I don’t use that term lightly.) As a matter of fact I’ve come to despise that word, but I really can’t think of a better term to describe John and his knowledge on the subject.  

I first met John through his SEOBlogTips.com site and was blown away by the information and value I found there. To this day I doubt John knows how much insight and knowledge I have gained from him.

Anyway, I was studying on his new business website the other day because that is what you do when you visit one of John’s sites. It’s the equivalent to the hitting the library back in the day before computers! Pretty much anything you want to know about SEO can be found there, especially on his SEOBlogTips site.  I was looking for a way to Supercharge my WordPress Blog and wouldn’t you know it…

He recently wrote an article on the Importance of WordPress Performance and I wanted to share these tips on how you can Supercharge your WordPress Blog.

I am not going to get into great detail here because I want you to visit his blog where you will get all the facts but here are the simple steps John talks about.

4 steps to Supercharge your WordPress Blog!

“1. Reduce Plug-ins and Widgets: Only have the absolute necessary plug-ins and widgets on your site, remove the rest!

2. Too Many Images Reduce Blog Performance: Having too many images, or large images for that matter, on any given page, can decrease the performance of your WordPress Blog by precious loading seconds.

3. Optimize Images for the Web: Make sure that the images you do have on your site are optimized for the Internet, know as image compression. Photoshop is a great image editing program, giving you an option called “Save for the Web”, but due to the expense, not many people own the software.

If you don’t have image editing software, you can use the FREE Online Image Optimizer.

4. Reduce the Number of HTTP Requests:”

Click Here To Visit John’s Blog for the breakdown on what #4 means and to read what Google says about site performance.

One of the biggest take-away’s for me in John’s article was the “Site Speed Analysis” test that you can run for Free with PingDom!

Wow, talk about an analysis… It breaks down everything and I was able to shave off 4 seconds to my load time of my site. If you’re looking to Supercharge your WordPress Blog then this is a must!  I didn’t realize I had so many large images on my blog. I am grateful to John for sharing such valuable information on his site.

If you have an interest in his FREE service that will Supercharge your WordPress Blog be sure and make it to his site, Syatt Web Design, you can sign up using the link near the end of his article.

About John

John EngleJohn resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado

After almost a year of giving Search Engine Optimization tips to the Blogger through my Blog SEOBlogTips.com, I decided to take my skills Global with a Website Design and Blog Services Business.

He Specializes in Small Business Website Design, Website SEO Updates & Site Maintenance, WordPress Blog Services to include blog installation, blog performance optimization along with some scripting fixes, plus Search Engine Optimization Tips.

Thanks John for always having such great content and for letting me share this info with my readers.

Please share this article with your friends on Facebook and other Social Networking sites and leave John and I your comments below if this article on How to Supercharge Your WordPress Blog was helpful.

Richard Petrilllo

Richard Petrillo
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Thanks for stopping by and reading How to Supercharge Your WordPress Blog!



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  • Richard Petrillo 11/06/2011,

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Network marketing is really about helping others reach their goals, the payoff follows naturally!


  • Mark Pires 11/05/2011,

    You have great information on your blog. I believe if more people come together and help each other be successful in earning extra income we all would have more success. Thanks for the knowledge you provide to people.

  • Richard Petrillo 09/09/2011,

    The plugins are big but equally as important are the pictures on your site.
    I have now shaved off nearly 4 seconds on the load time just from compressing the images.
    Thanks for your comment!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted..How To Generate MLM Leads Using BetterNetworkerMy Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 09/09/2011,

    Thanks Vicki!

    John Rocks but then again, so do you 😉

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Melaleuca Business Opportunity – 4 Things To Consider Before Joining Melaleuca!My Profile

  • Steve Dooley 09/09/2011,

    Great info. I need to do this on my blog…..it’s loading very slowly….I’ve got way too many plugins that aren’t worthwhile. thanks.
    Steve Dooley recently posted..How To Get Our Domain Onto The Hosting AccountMy Profile

  • Vicki Berry 09/09/2011,

    Great post Richard! I’m glad you found John, he’s definitely awesome and someone I consider a go-to guy when it comes to SEO! You’ve found a great resource, and thanks for sharing this necessary information, I think my blog needs help!

    Wishing You Brilliant Success,
    Vicki Berry recently posted..Top Ten Ways to Guarantee Failure in Network MarketingMy Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 09/05/2011,

    Hey Michaele

    I’m sure I could use to trim down a few of my plugins as well. Resizing most of the photos was a good start for me, plugins are next.

    Thanks for your comment!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Has Your Monavie.com Business Lost It’s Berry?My Profile

  • Michaele Harrington 09/04/2011,

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for passing on the gems from John’s post. I know I’ve been pretty slack when it comes to image optimization so this is a great prompt for me to actually get it done!
    Plugins are a biggie when it comes to site speed. I know the ideal number is between 12 – 15 and yet I honestly struggle to keep mine under 20.
    If anyone ever wants to see how big of an impact plugins have on your blogs load time, contact your host and ask them to temporarily disable them for a minute. I did this and was shocked when my blog loaded literally within a second. Time to trade plugins for some hard coding!

    Michaele Harrington recently posted..How To Convert More Prospects By Understanding Their UniquenessMy Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 09/02/2011,

    Hi Jae,
    You had it right the first time 🙂 Thanks to John I was able to share his knowledge on the subject.
    Glad you found some value here, thanks for taking the time!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Work From Home Business IdeasMy Profile

  • Jae Smith 09/02/2011,

    I meant Richard. Excellent article. I will definitely get ride of some of the widgets and other things causing slow download times. I appreciate your sharing how to do this.

    Jae Smith
    Jae Smith recently posted..Everything is Energy: Day One Success!My Profile

  • Jae Smith 09/02/2011,

    Excellent article, John. Will be back for more!
    Jae Smith
    Jae Smith recently posted..Everything is Energy: Day One Success!My Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 09/01/2011,

    Anytime John!
    Best of luck with your new venture!

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Direct Selling Businesses or Pyramid Scheme?My Profile

  • John Engle 09/01/2011,

    Hey Richard,

    Thanks Very much for passing on information about my Wordpress Blog Performance article… it is much appreciated!

    John Engle
    John Engle recently posted..Popup Domination Marketing Funnel Opt-in Box!My Profile

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