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Success in MLM Prospecting – Ask The Right Questions!

The key to success in MLM Prospecting boils down to qualifying your leads by asking the right questions.

Success in MLM Prospecting


Network marketing shouldn’t be about recruiting for the sake of making a quick bonus. I would rather have 1 or 2 people producing every week, as opposed to 10 people doing nothing!

To be successful you must approach prospecting as an interview process.

Posture is everything if you are going to have success in MLM Prospecting!

Top Three Steps to Begin Each Prospecting Call.

1. Establish Authority in your MLM Prospecting

2. Posture yourself with confidence because YOU have what they need!

3. Develop Rapport and Trust

Success in MLM Prospecting requires asking a lot of questions to find out about your prospect!

Approach prospecting by using the FORM method.

Family – Occupation – Recreation – Money


Are they married? Do they have children? Do they own or rent?


What is their current line of work? Ask questions like:

Do you like your job?

How many hours per week do they work?

How long have they been currently in this position?

Is this a career or stepping stone?

Is there stability in what they are doing?

What do you like best about what you are currently doing?

What do you like least?


What hobbies are they interested in?

Do they enjoy sports?

Do they like to travel?

Do they have TIME to do the things they like to do?

If they have kids, what activities are they involved in?


Ask – Are you satisfied with your current financial position?

Are you being paid what you are worth?

Do you have a college fund started?

Have you been saving for retirement?

Additional questions to ask if you are going to have success in MLM prospecting: 

1. What are your top two strengths?

2. What is your number one weakness?

3. Name two goals you want to attain in the next year.

4. What main goal do you want to reach in the next 5 years?

To have success prospecting here are four other questions to consider.

1. How do you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in the areas of:

a. leadership

b. work ethic

c. time management

d. being coach-able

e. thinking outside the box

f. being a team player

g. reaching goals

h. teaching and training others?

2. If you had time and income was not an issue, what are the top 3 things you would do?

3. What would make you a valuable asset to our team?

4. Are you willing to travel out of state for trainings?

By using MLM prospecting tools, asking the right questions, and having the mindset that you are conducting an interview, allows you to have control of the conversation. Remember, you are looking for a business partner, not an employee.

You need to decide if your prospect will be a good fit for your business! 

Just because you have a warm body to talk with about your network marketing business, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to sponsor them! Quality NOT Quantity is what matters to your success in MLM Prospecting!

Having a proven MLM prospecting system to work with can be a tremendous advantage. There are several systems available online. My advice would be to contact a leader who has proven success in MLM prospecting and building large teams, and see if they would be willing to mentor you.

So tell me, what are your thoughts? Have you been asking the right questions and qualifying your prospects?

Leave me a comment below with what you have found to be most effective when talking with your MLM prospects.

Richard Petrillo Richard Petrillo

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Here’s to your Success in MLM Prospecting!


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  • Richard Petrillo 11/07/2013,

    Thanks Jane!
    Your friend is right, depending on the business.

    What bothers me most is, some companies will pay a high bonus for recruiting and teach people to get anyone and everyone to join, knowing that 95% of them will not stick with it. I am a big believer in a little smaller team that produces, and spending time with those people to help them grow the business. They will stick with it longer if they have a team leader that truly is interested in helping, rather than just going after a fast bonus buck!

    Thanks for commenting!


  • Jane 11/07/2013,

    Great tips Rich! I’ve not tried MLM marketing but I have a friend of mine who is into it. I’ve heard him saying that recruiting a team will nearly decide your success. Coz as you say you can rather have 1 or 2 people who do the work rather than 10 people who do nothing.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jane recently posted..Fashion Jewelry: Why Is All The Craze And Why Should You Go For It?My Profile

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