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Starting A Network Marketing Business? Here Are 7 Things Homer Simpson Says Are A Must!

network marketing business

These 7 Steps Will Get Your Network Marketing Business going in the right direction.

Oh and by the way, Homer didn’t really spell out these 7 steps, but they are essential to your mindset and will steer you towards the path of success in your Network Marketing Business!

So many people tend to get started off on the wrong foot in this industry. Usually because they learn from their upline, and completely the wrong way I might add.

Promises like, all you have to do is sign up a few people and your done. OR, just give me your list and I’ll do all the work for you!  I could go on for hours here but you get the point.

Lets look at the 7 basic steps to starting your Network Marketing Business.

1. Determine your “WHY

Ask yourself, what has brought you to “this place”, here and now that made you decide to start your own Network Marketing business.  Commit to your “WHY”, write it down and look at it whenever you are feeling down about the business.  Are you doing it to put your kids through college?  To buy a summer home?  That beautiful boat you’ve always dreamt of?  Do you have ailing parents or other loved ones that you want to provide for?  Or are you just looking to make a few bucks here and there?  Whatever your reasons are, take the time to write them out, look at them from time to time.  If you really want to grow your business I would suggest teaching your downline (and maybe your upline for that matter) to do the same.  Always remember, your downline will do what they see you do!  Don’t start them off on the wrong foot, it won’t do anyone in your network marketing business any good.

2. Make a Commitment and be Consistent!
Too many people get started with an Online Network Marketing Business and don’t take it seriously.

They don’t treat it like a business, but more like a hobby. You wouldn’t last long in the corporate world treating your job as a hobby. They will give it a month or two (going about it as a hobby) and wonder why they still haven’t sponsored anyone. End result, they give up! Who do they blame? The entire MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing Business Industry, or whatever you choose to call it. As my mentor Ray Higdon always says, this is not a Get Rich Quick business. Its a “GET FILTHY RICH IN 24 TO 36 MONTH BUSINESS” You wouldn’t teach your kids to join the soccer team and after only a month or two encourage them to quit, just because they never had any playing time, right? Quitters are never winners! If you want to be successful in this business you have to commit yourself, your time, and your blood sweat and tears. Even if you are only doing this part time, make a plan and stick to it!

3. Block Out Time!
An hour or two each day, and spend 100% of that time on Income Producing Activities, or  I.P.A.’s. That is how your grow your Network Marketing Business.  Getting a presentation in front of someone so they can make a decision to join you and your team.  I.P.A’s such as: Picking up the phone and calling your warm market list. Posting free classified ads on websites, updating your Facebook & Twitter accounts, invite people to a home meeting, place drop cards inside investment books such as Robert Kiyosaki’s at your local bookstores. Remember, use the tools you have, but don’t get side tracked by them. Spend your time on things that will create income –  Exposing people to your Network Marketing Business…

4. Make Your List!
And quit hemming and hawing about it.  Your warm market is one of your largest assets when building a Network Marketing Business.  I’m not talking about your uncle Tom, Dick or Harry either. Relatives are great to hit up (and if you’re like the old me, over and over again.) but, only if you are looking for that lump of coal at Christmas.  Besides, Aunt Marge would rather cheer you on and watch you make it to the finish line before she would ever get involved with any network marketing companies.

I am talking about creating an endless warm market list. We will touch more on that in a later post. Look around you!  Think of ALL the people you have dealt with over the last few years. The guy that works on your car, your dental hygienist, or the checker at the grocery store.  How about your Fed X person or mail carrier, your doctor, lawyer, dog sitter… You get the idea. You cross paths with people every single day, why not try striking up a conversation and ask them:  “Would you be interested in a side project  if it didn’t interfere with your regular job”?  Easy right?  Anyone can say that and no one will be offended by it.  AND it’s Duplicatable!  Duplication is the key.

Short little story for you..  I was just at the Circle K (my local convenient store) wearing a shirt with “The Phoenician” logo on it ( a 5 star resort in Phoenix) and the clerk said… “Oh man, you work at the Phoenician, I NEED a JOB!

Perfect opening right?  No I said, but that was all I needed to hear.  I always carry some brochures in my car so I left to grab one, came back inside and said…

So John, were you serious about needing a job?  (His eyes lit up as I handed him a brochure) I asked him if he ever thought about owning a business of his own.  We exchanged phone numbers and now I have a new warm market lead.

And in discussions on scalability, one often overlooked aspect is the ability of a business to handle increasing call volumes without compromising service quality. This challenge can be effectively addressed by integrating third-party support into your customer service strategy. For more information, visit https://virtually-there.net/call-answering-services/.

John wasn’t someone I had ever thought to approach, but you always need to be ready no matter where you are.  Building your Network Marketing Business is about building relationships, NOT about selling or begging, its about inviting.

5. Set Your Plan of Action

If you are just starting out, plan on talking to at least 2 people a day, everyday.  Build from there and make a game out of it.  Tell yourself on day 3 you are going to talk with at least 5 people that day.  Day 4, go for 7 and keep on building.

There is a saying in the Network Marketing Business and it is…. GO FOR NO!  See how many No’s you can get in a day.  I know several people, myself included that are going for 20 NO’s a day.  The more No’s you get, the better chance of getting a YES!

Think of it this way:  S  I  N A L O A  – Safety in Numbers, and the Law of Averages!

The more people you talk with, the better your chances of making a sale.  You have made your list but it isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t put together an Action Plan and implement it.  Order any sales tools from your company and have them on hand at all times. Remember, this is YOUR Netwwork Marketing Business…  Without a few tools to aid you in your prospecting, life will be tough and you won’t sponsor many into your business.

6. Get Plugged into the Events… Conference Calls, Webinars, etc.

Most companies offer weekly webinars and conference calls. These are some of the best tools in your tool box.  Use the webinars to send prospects to and let the presentation do the work for you.  This is what will build your Network Marketing Business, and…”The Fortune is in the FOLLOW UP!”

When you give your prospect a webinar to attend to, have a specific call to action forthem to do.  Let them know what to expect next and ask, what would be a good time for you to contact them after the webinar.  DO NOT leave it up to them to call you.  Give them 2 options:  Does this day and time work, or would this day and time be better?  Leaving it open will almost ensure a lost lead!

7. Become Knowledgeable about the Products & Compensation Plan Notice I left this for last!

It’s not necessary when building a Network Marketing Business to know it all. Yes, have a basic understanding of your product and comp plan.  But if you spend all of your time memorizing every detail about your company, the product and the plan, then you won’t be out there talking about your opportunity.

Get started now! Sure you will make a few mistakes, but that’s how you will learn what to do, and what NOT to do.  You don’t have to be an expert to invite someone to a webinar or sizzle call.  Keep it simple, make it Duplicatable, and teach your downline to do the same. Find tailored card payment solutions for your business needs. You have enough sales tools to do the work for you.  Use them!

However, if your business needs lifting equipment rental for operations and for other purposes, you can visit a site like https://twaylifting.com/rigging-rental/ for great help!

Remember what was discussed in item #3. Getting a presentation in front of someone so they can make a decision to join your Network Marketing Business.  This is the key to building a strong Network Marketing Business. There is NO MAGIC BULLET  Keep focused and committed, persistence is the key to starting your new Network Marketing Business.

Teach your downline these 7 steps and I think you will be amazed at how your Network Marketing Business will grow.

Homer would be proud of you!

Network Marketing Business, Richard Petrillo
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  • Richard Petrillo 11/07/2013,

    Hey Eric,
    Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words…

    Certain things don’t change with time. Especially when starting out in a Network Marketing Business.
    I’m glad you feel the info is still relevant.
    I wish you well in your pursuits!


  • G Eric Gaither 10/27/2013,

    GREETINGS Richard,

    While the time stamp, July 22, 2010 would, to some folk, possibly denote outdated information, I find the information completely relevant to my pursuits and graciously honor you for your research and presentation.

    Thank you for you and your time.
    G. Eric Gaither

    • Richard Petrillo 11/07/2013,

      Hey Eric,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words…
      Certain things don’t change with time. Especially when starting out in a Network Marketing Business.
      I’m glad you feel the info is still relevant.
      I wish you well in your pursuits!


  • Richard Petrillo 07/12/2013,

    Hey Mark,
    I agree, I too learned that lesson early on in life.
    It’s funny how many people get into network marketing and just think everything will happen all by itself.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Mark 07/12/2013,

    Thank you Homer Simpson, thank you very much!! 😛 j/k

    Great post again Richard, and I completely agree that hard work and consistency will lead you to anywhere you want in your life. I’ve learned this when I was 16 and I still think that it is one of my most important lessons.


  • Richard Petrillo 05/25/2013,

    Thanks George,
    Commitment and hard work is the key to anything in life!
    Thanks the comment!

  • george 05/25/2013,

    Nice post Richard. I agree that the sad fact is that many people get involved in network marketing and dont take it seriously. They are simply not committed to it and not prepared to work hard. Network marketing is the second greatest millionaire maker industry in the world, right after real estate and it requires much less investment that the real estate does.

  • Richard Petrillo 12/14/2011,

    Thanks Peter!

    I’ve learned a lot from Ray over the last year, he’s a great guy too!

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Ray Higdon 12/09/2011,

    Awesome post. I love Ray’s stuff alot. He’s served my business alot. Keep up the great value! – Peter

    • Richard Petrillo 12/14/2011,

      Thanks Peter!

      Yeah he’s taught me a lot over the last year! I love learning from his blog.


  • Richard Petrillo 11/18/2011,

    Hello Ansie,
    You are so right, it’s not the quick easy money that some make it out to be. It’s too bad they give the industry a bad name. BUT…
    It is an amazing industry with unlimited potential, as long as you stick with it and as you say… Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.

    Follow your company training, hopefully they have everything in place. Who are you with?

    Best of luck to you! If I can help in any way let me know.

  • Ansie de Vos 11/18/2011,

    I’ve only joined a MLM-company 3 months ago, qualified but realized it is not the “quick-money” scheme as people made it out to be. I’ve invested too much already and almost quit, then realized you have to find your own niche and re-inventing the wheel won’t help. Thanks for the interesting articles, it makes one realize your not alone out there and that mistakes and downfalls will be there and are part of the learning process.

  • Richard Petrillo 01/11/2011,

    Hey Benin,
    I see I am in good company with both you and Oliver!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Benin 01/04/2011,

    Great post Richard. I agree with Oliver. The why is foundational and I can see by you making it number one that you feel that way too. Great example too in your point # 4.

    Thanks for the terrific post, Richard!

    • Richard Petrillo 01/11/2011,

      Hey Benin,
      I see I am in good company with both you and Oliver!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Richard Petrillo 09/01/2010,

    Perfectly stated Oliver!


  • Oliver Tausend 09/01/2010,

    Hi Richard,

    there are crucial steps, thanks for sharing. The single most important is probably figuring out one’s why, a 99 % WHY. With a 70 % WHY and a 80 % obstacle, you’re gone. The true WHY is always beyond money.

    Take care


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