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Situational Leadership Scenarios For Your MLM Business

Situational Leadership Scenarios

Situational Leadership Scenarios are About Developing People Over Time and Based Upon Each Individual’s Development Level, Skill Set, Goals, and Commitment.

There is no one leadership style that will work for everyone.

Leadership Case Scenarios Can Be Broken Down Into 4 Different Areas.

They involve clearly telling people what to do, how to do it, where to do it, when to do it, and then closely supervising their performance.

If I may quote Ken Blanchard who is a leading authority when it comes to leadership training…

“I think people want to be magnificent. It is the job of the leader to bring out magnificence in people and to create an environment where they feel safe and supported and ready to do the best job possible in accomplishing key goals. The responsibility is a sacred true that should not be violated. The opportunity to guide others to their tulles potential is an honor and one the should not be taken lightly. As leaders, we hold the lives of others in our hands. These hands need to be gentle and caring and always available for support”  — Ken Blanchard

Four Examples of Situational Leadership:





In order to provide good leadership qualities for your MLM or Network Marketing business you must first understand the 4 different types of individuals you will be working with.

Four Levels of Development

D1. Enthusiastic Beginner

D2. Disillusioned Learner

D3. Reluctant Contributor

D4. Peak Performer

Situational Leadership

Enthusiastic Beginner

If you’ve been involved in MLM or Network Marketing for any length of time you have come across this type person more than once. Chances are, you started your business this way. The enthusiastic beginner has a high commitment to building their business but usually go about it the wrong way.

Enthusiastic beginners get caught up in the excitement of the business and are the ones who are out there throwing up all over people about the opportunity, product, and comp plan.

They are ready to learn, but as a leader, the beginner needs to be highly directed with step by step directions and a process to follow. Leadership Style: Directive – Key Purpose: Clarity

Peak Performer

Requires very little support and low direction. They have been trained, are highly committed, resourceful and successful. In most cases they have built large teams in their current or previous network marketing companies.

It is best to acknowledge and stroke their ego, let them know what an awesome job they are doing and find out if there is any additional support you can offer them or their team. Leadership style: Delegating – Key Purpose: Development

Disillusioned Learner

Low competence, low commitment and is a very cautious contributor. Feels discouraged, doubts skills and is unsure of the next step. As a leader, coaching and putting an action plan together that will promote independent thinking is key. They will seek suggestions, but the leader makes the most of the final decisions. Leadership style: Coaching – Key purpose: Encouragement

Reluctant Contributor

Is highly competent, cautious risk taker and has low commitment. The reluctant contributor at one time could have been a peak performer but for one reason or another, has backed off from the business. The leader must listen, encourages them to lead, and participates in decision making, but ultimately the follower makes the decision. Leadership style: Supporting – Key Purpose: Mentoring

Here is a quick view chart of the four categories of situational leadership scenarios.

Leadership Scenarios to Solve

In closing, situational leadership scenarios must be matched to each individual’s development level at all stages, and paired with each specific task or goal. If you’re interested in learning more about situational leadership ll activities I highly suggest heading over to Ken Blanchard’s website or picking up any one of his best selling books.

They key to successful leadership is to “Do Leadership WITH THEM, not TO THEM.”

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  • Richard Petrillo 08/12/2014,

    Thanks Linda for stopping by! I’m glad you found some value in the article.
    Ken Blanchard’s teachings have really helped me focus on how to interact with my teammates.


  • linda 08/12/2014,

    Never looked at that way……everyone falls into one of those categories for sure.
    You definitely made is much more simplier , easier to identify, and what steps as a leader to take with a new distributor.

    GREAT INFO!!!!!

  • Richard Petrillo 08/01/2014,

    Hey Lisa,
    Thanks so much for your input. I didn’t realize the power of situational leadership until I started to study it. Everyone really is different and needs to be nurtured accordingly.
    Thanks again for stopping by!


  • Lisa 08/01/2014,

    Hi Richard!
    I really like the breakdown of situational leadership. After reading it, I was able to clearly identify people who fit into one of those scenarios. Makes it easier to understand where a person is in their development and then help accordingly.
    Great stuff as always!
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