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MLM Prospecting – Finding The Perfect Group – How To Generate Your Own Leads!

MLM ProspectingThere is a lot out there regarding

MLM Prospecting and Leads….

Lead Generation this, Buying your Own Leads that, Organic Leads, etc. etc.

Do you realize there are 140 Million websites for the keyword, “Buy Leads”, and over 633 Million for “Create Your Own Leads”

I don’t want to get into the whole discussion about buying leads, but I do want to talk to you about your MLM Prospecting and Creating your Own Leads.

Sure, it’s a bit more work than just shelling out a couple of hundreds of dollars to purchase a lead list… Time is money, I understand… BUT!

Finding the perfect group for your MLM Prospecting will make it easier to generate your own list of leads.

Here’s a little strategy I just started using that is pulling in about a 30% success rate working a cold market, with my MLM Prospecting!

We are all taught to market to other people in MLM because they already “get it”, they understand the biz and make great prospects.

YES and NO!  There is some truth to that, and if you’re doing that, I’m not saying to stop… But… 90% of the time, they are just looking to pitch their opportunity, and not looking for a company to join.

The next logical part of the process is to have something to offer the 90% who aren’t interested in your primary company – like MLSP,  Magnetic Sponsoring, or some affiliate program that will help people learn how to market on the internet.

Okay – Here’s the Secret and what I’ve found to be so successful in my MLM Prospecting.

Approach only other entrepreneurs and business minded people. Connect with Robert Kiyosaki  fans on Facebook, or Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins, and Jack Canfield fans, people of influence.  Look for people who have made educated comments on their post, and friend request them.

Make a connection, build a relationship, BEFORE hitting them over the head with your opportunity.

This is a great approach, but takes time to build those relationships. Again, don’t stop if this is what you are doing, it does work! It just takes time.

The quickest and best group I’ve found to speak with are, Realtors…

1. They are in business for themselves and know what it takes to be successful.

2. Their business depends on leads, and like you and I, they have a “Need To Know’ how to generate new leads consistently.

3. They already have a network of people to talk with.

4. They aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and they understand, it’s all in the follow up.

5. They are incredibly easy to find!

Jump on Google and do a search for local realtors in your area, or nationwide.

Start an excel spreadsheet and list:  Name, Phone, Website, and Email Addresses. Don’t forget a section for notes.  I even have a section for YES/NO’s and I mark them as I go.

The next step in your MLM Prospecting is to pick up the phone…  I know most of you would rather place toothpicks in your eyes, but if your not talking to people and prospecting everyday, then you probably shouldn’t be in Network Marketing to begin with.

These next three steps are going to make your life so much easier to deal with when it comes to cold calling, you’re going to wish you knew about them years ago.

Simple introduction: Hello, may I speak with Phillip please… this is Phillip… Hey Phillip, my name is (your name here) How are you today?  Do you have a moment to talk? or  Have I caught you at a good time? or Whatever you’re comfortable with….

Sure, what can I do for you?

I called because I am looking to connect with people that are interested in doing better on the internet, from a business standpoint.

I noticed you have a website or blog and I am just curious if you or anyone on your team could benefit from some free training?

That’s it… The conversation can only go one of two ways.  Either they will want more info, or not.

So far, 30% of the people I approach this way want more info.  Rather than get into a whole discussion (which you should NEVER do) at that point I confirm their email address and ask if I can just send them a link to a 3 minute video (and capture page) they can watch.

Let them know you will follow up with them in 24 hours to see what they liked…

It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.  Getting over your “fear of the phone” is the biggest obstacle, but having such a simple and non threatening approach in your MLM Prospecting will take the pain out of it and almost make it fun!

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  • Richard Petrillo 09/21/2013,

    Hey Travis,
    Thanks for sharing. Thats a great book and anyone in sales or networking should read it. I appreciate you stopping by.


  • Travis F. Smith 09/17/2013,

    Brilliant tips, Richard

    MLM prospecting is about yourself personality. With MLM, you will learn about how to treat people so they will accept you.

    I read book about “How to Win Friends & Influence People” when I started MLM business.

    I love to improve myself and MLM can facilitate it

  • Richard Petrillo 02/16/2012,

    Hey Carl,
    Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate the heads-up on the broken link!


  • Carl Wagner 02/16/2012,

    Great Stuff Richard – I have a hungry Realtor on my team right now and sent him this link. BTW : You have a broken link in the red type below your pic at the end of the article. Be Well – Thanks 🙂

    • Richard Petrillo 02/16/2012,

      Thanks Carl! I appreciate the kind words and the heads-up on the broken link.
      It’s working now!

      Take good care,

  • Richard Petrillo 03/04/2011,

    Hey Ro,

    Thanks for stopping by and adding even more value to the post!
    It’s easy to hide behind the computer and get side-tracked with our blogs but we have to remember… As you stated, “we must pick up the phone”

    There is really only one way to generate income in this business, and that is by working daily on “Income Producing Activities” = Prospecting daily, either by phone or in person!

    Thanks again for your comment, it’s always great to see you here!


  • Roshanda Gilmore 03/04/2011,

    I enjoyed this post! You laid out a strategy that is pretty cookie cutter. Can’t get easier than that!

    I also liked how you mentioned “picking up the phone.” At one point or another as online entrepreneurs we must pick up the phone and have a conversation. A phone call takes your friendship one step closer… and meeting in person is the icing on the cake! I mean lets face it, Network Marketing is a relationship business. So we can’t be afraid to reach out and build relationships!

    You provided a valuable and complete system that’s so easy to put into action!

    Thanks buddy!

    • Richard Petrillo 03/04/2011,

      Thanks Ro as always for making it a point to stop by and add value to my site. How is your daughter doing?
      Praying for a full recovery and I hope you are well.

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