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Network Marketing – Old School Tactics D.O.A. Beaten To A Bloody Pulp By A Wet Line of Code – Video

network marketing

The Old School Network Marketing methods are dead and don’t work anyway! Hmm…

Really? Nowadays that is what a lot of people want you to believe.

Well don’t buy into it!  Sure the internet is like a big untapped ocean with millions of people to attract, and I highly recommend leveraging its potential.

BUT… Don’t forget, gaining the knowledge about network marketing online is going to take time, effort, and money, with a heavy emphasis on TIME.

Unless you’re Einstein’s nephew with an IQ just under 160 (Which by they way is somebody’s best guess, Einstein never took an IQ test). SO, unless you are willing to invest hundreds of hours, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but why not add to your arsenal some Old School network marketing Tactics. I’ve put together a little video for you which lays out a very non- sales- like approach. Enjoy!

You decide, have the Old School Network Marketing tactics been replaced by a wet line of code in this day and age of the internet?  Or is there still a place for some of the Old School Stuff?

I want to thank Ray Higdon once again for all of his great network marketing tips!  For this would not have come about if it were not for him.

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For another great Old School Network Marketing tip you should check out my article, Insanely Simple MLM Prospecting Tips .

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For another great Old School Network Marketing tip you should check out my article, Insanely Simple MLM Prospecting Tips .

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  • Richard Petrillo 03/20/2013,

    Thanks Eric for your kind words and comment. You make a great point about how others can affect your reputation thanks to the on-line world of social media. Costco is a great example of “Old School”. They have earned the trust of their customers!

    Thanks again for stopping by,

  • Eric Szvoboda 03/15/2013,


    You have a great site and I think that you make a lot of great points about ‘old school marketing’. I would say that the old principles about treating your clients well and honestly is a major player back then and even more so now. Especially because consumers now can not only talk bad about you to their friends… but to the whole on-line world through social media and blogging! My favorite company, in my opinion, that represents old school marketing in today’s world is Costco. They are always on top of things and people love them! Not because of their amazing campaigns… but because they have the trust of the people and are honest. Great post again and I cannot see what you talk about next!

    Eric Szvoboda

  • Richard Petrillo 09/29/2010,

    Hey Norman,

    Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by! If I can be of any help don’t hesitate to ask.

    Take good care,

  • Internet Casino 09/27/2010,

    hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always like browsing your site.

    – Norman

  • Richard Petrillo 09/03/2010,

    Thank you Vicki for your kind words.
    I think the old school methods are something we tend to loose track of when building our online business. I know I did for a while.

    Another important point to bring up here is time management. We can’t forget to work on our income producing activities on a daily basis. The money may be in the list, but the paycheck comes from prospecting, and we should be spending 70% of our day doing just that.

    Thanks again and I wish you all the best,

  • Vicki Berry 09/03/2010,

    Hi Richard!

    You are absolutely right, don’t completely discount ‘old school’ methods! I’ve written at least a couple of posts on this and covered it in my eBook.

    While there are many skills we need to learn to market successfully online, and we should do that to extend our market, there are also critical ‘old school’ skills that we also need to learn, and continue to practice!

    Whether you end up doing more online marketing or off line or both, these core skills are crucial to your success!

    Great post, thanks, it can’t be said enough!
    Wishing You Powerful Success,
    Vicki Berry recently posted..Adding a Poll or Survey to a BlogMy Profile

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