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LeadSkimmer – A Secret Weapon To Generating Quality MLM Leads?


How to Build Your List With LeadSkimmer… Or should I say, How It Will Build a List For You!

As Network marketers struggle everyday with having enough people to talk with about their MLM business. Geoff Stephen, the brainchild of LeadSkimmer and Global NPN, has created a simple list building system that is designed for both the beginner, and the seasoned networker.

If you’ve been beating you head against the wall and are in the “Information Overload” stage trying to figure out how to build a targeted list of fresh leads to share your network marketing, affiliate marketing, or funded proposal business with… Read on because I have the solution to all your problems!

This free tool, yes, I said this FREE list building tool is going to bring you more people to talk with, 3x faster than anything you have seen before.

Here’s how LeadSkimmer works!

There are two memberships to choose from.

A Free Version, or a One Time Paid Version of $44.95, with no monthly recurring fees.

The premium version pays out a $25 commission for each paying recruit that joins your team. Directly into your Alert Pay account.

To See For Yourself Click Here!

As a free member you are required to Pass-Up your first three leads to your upline sponsor. From that point on you start to build your own lead lines. Each free member you recruit has to pass up their first 3 leads to you, which in turn builds your list 3 times faster than any traditional list building system I’ve seen.

Drawback to Becoming a Free Member:

Lets say your first 3 members join for free and go to work building their list. Member number 4 joins and decides to pay the one time fee of $44.95 which qualifies them as a premium member. Meaning…

They do not pass-up anyone and get to keep all their leads. They have also just put themselves into a money making position.

Do you remember that $25 commission I mentioned earlier? Well, you guessed it… Because you are a free member, that commission generated by member #4, passes you up and goes to your upline leader for recruiting you.

If you decide to become a premium member later, even before you have passed up your 3, you may do so without penalty. You are no longer required to pass up any remaining leads. You are now in a money making position within the LeadSkimmer system.

It’s a Win/Win solution either way!

Check out this short 3 minute video below and see for yourself the results people are having.

Another great feature LeadSkimmer offers is the ability to connect your Aweber or Get Response account their system. It’s not required to have one of these accounts but highly recommended. LeadSkimmer will collect all the necessary lead information for you that you can export as an excel file so you can start to connect with your new leads.  If you are new to lead generation and are looking to save money, this method is fine at first.

A word of caution: As your list continues to grow, it will be increasingly more difficult to keep in contact with the hundreds of leads you will be generating because you will have to do everything manually.

That is the beauty of a email marketing system like Aweber or Get Response. You can schedule everything automatically and continue to market to your new leads as often as you like. My experience has been with Aweber so naturally I highly recommend their service, but look at both and decide for yourself.

In a previous article I’ve put together a video on “How To Create An Op-In Form and Auto-Responders” using Aweber that you may find useful.

In Closing:

Generating quality targeted MLM leads couldn’t be any easier. If you are looking to build your list but have struggled in the past, you owe it to yourself to see how valuable this free system is.

Click Here Now To View The Short 2 Minute LeadSkimmer Video!

Effective leadership skills, Richard Petrillo

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  • Richard Petrillo 06/28/2013,

    Thanks! Yes, its an essential part of the equation. 🙂


  • onestepup 06/17/2013,

    Nice post Richard! Quality leads is very essentials to any online Business. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Richard Petrillo 05/29/2012,

    Hey Emily,

    I am also with MLSP, great system and a lot of the top industry leaders are involved. I will say it’s a bit confusing for the average person. I have found a great funded proposal system “for the rest of us” that has generated more leads and income in 2.5 months than 1.5 years at MLSP for me.

    Check out the recent post link listed below.

    Thanks for your comment and interest!


  • Richard Petrillo 05/29/2012,

    Thanks Allan!

    Appreciate your comment!

  • Emily 05/28/2012,

    Interesting information, Richard. I’ll consider it. Some marketers have been pushing MLSP at me too, but I haven’t joined. I feel more committed to this new business I’m in than I’ve ever been before, but my area is pretty rough.

  • Allan 05/23/2012,

    Great review here! This will really help not only those who don’t know LeadSkimmer but also those who already use it get the money in the list. 😉

  • Richard Petrillo 04/27/2012,

    You’ve got that right Joe…

    The money IS in the list.
    Glad to hear you are doing so well with it.


  • Joseph B. Shaw 04/27/2012,


    As always thanks for sharing such great content. They always say the money is in the list. I’ve had great results so far with LeadSkimmer. Thanks for sharing!


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