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Lack of MLM Leads – Training & Duplication? There’s An App For That!

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Lack of MLM Leads? There’s An App For That!

Why Not?  There’s an App for just about everything else anybody could think of!  What if there were an App that could help produce MLM leads, train your downline and create duplication?  How cool would that be!  Well guess what…

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t one, not yet anyway, but I bet it’s not far off. So in my opinion, here’s the next best thing. It may not be an App on your phone that you can carry around in your pocket, but there is a system that all the big boys are using to generate MLM leads, train their downline, and create duplication. Once again I am going to refer back to “da man” Ray Higdon who I am blessed to be mentored by.  He’s been hanging with some of the other Big Boys, Mike Dillard included, strategizing and passing along the tips about Branding Yourself, that have made them so successful.

Some of the top Internet Marketers, legends in the industry like  Tim Erway, Norbert Orlewicz of MLSP, Brian Finale  (co-founder of My Lead System), Cedrick Harris, Mike Dillard, Jimmy Davis, Jeff Learner, and several more were all present at the Three Day Summit held in Las Vegas back in mid July (which I am sorry to say I missed). . . When I think that I had the chance to be in the same room as these giants, and missed it, well, all I can say is…  Thank God for Ray passing along so many great blog posts about the event!

Okay, so I got off track just a bit but, here’s the skinny:  All these guys are using Attraction Marketing to the fullest extent. What exactly is Attraction Marketing, and how can it help generate MLM leads?  Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring lays it out best.  After all, he pioneered it.  Reality is, about 97% of the people you come into contact with about your primary opportunity will never sign with you.

That doesn’t mean you have to rely on only  3% for your income and leave the other 97% on the table.  The idea is to build a funnel of endless MLM leads through Attraction Marketing.

You do this by  becoming an expert by offering people a solution to their problems. Think about what people want and need most, what causes them the most grief with their Network Marketing (or any business) and provide them a solution, and do so by offering them FREE information.

Give without want!  Provide VALUE for people and they will learn to trust you and come back over time for more information.  Pick a topic or two and become an expert in that area, then you will have something to offer.  If you’re not yet an expert, get together with one of your upline leaders and record an interview of them that you can offer a portion of for Free.  I say a “portion of ” because down the road , once you have proven yourself as someone who genuinely cares, they will trust and buy from you.  Now they may still not want anything to do with your main business opportunity, and thats okay,  but they will have no trouble putting out $29.00 or $39.00 dollars or more for the rest of your interview  After all, they got a portion for free and if the content is good, they will open their wallets.  Here-in lies the beauty of the system.  Instead of leaving 97% of the money on the table, you have just cut that to a much smaller percentage.

Now, getting back to “There’s An App for That!”  All throughout this process there are affiliate programs that you can recommend and offer people that will teach them (and pay you a commission), how to go about all of this.  Thus allowing you to pay for your own advertising and marketing along the way.  Probably the single best “App” that I have recently come across, (thanks again Ray) is  MyLeadSystemPro.  I joined just the other day and after going through the tutorials and all the training material I must say, I am very impressed with what is provided.  It is a complete system, start to finish.

If you are interested in learning and setting up an Attraction Marketing funnel, and generating more MLM leads, there is no better product on the market today.

I would encourage you to take a look, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to loose and everything to gain, including MLM leads! 🙂

Quit beating people over the head with your opportunity before you ever establish a relationship with them. You will learn how to do just that with MLSP.  There is a right way and a wrong way to go about everything in life.  95% of Network Marketers know nothing about Marketing or generating MLM leads and fail, because they were taught the wrong methods. No fault of their own, they learned from their upline, who were taught wrong from their upline…

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My goal is to teach you how to build and generate MLM leads because I want to see you succeed!

Thanks for taking the time!
Richard Petrillo

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