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Judging the Strength of Your MLM Company – Are You With a Rocky or Pewee Herman? Here Are 6 Steps To Follow…


Choosing an MLM company is much like choosing a mate.

You want to be sure it will be lifelong and not just another short lived disastrous relationship.  Both can cause undo stress in your life and send you to the poor house!

1. Primary MLM Sector

You need to make sure your MLM company has a product or products that are unique, in a growth sector, and something people want. Finding a hot and trending industry will be the key to your success.

2. Product or Products
The value of your products is going to be another determining factor in the longevity of your MLM company.   How much VALUE does your product offer?  You have to stop and ask yourself, is this something I would want or buy.  If I had a garage full of this product, would I be better off today, next month, or even 5 years down the road?  If your product isn’t unique and can’t stand on its own merit, then maybe it’s not the right company to join.

3. The Principles In the Company.
Who’s running the show?  What credentials do they bring to the table.  Where have they been and what have they done in the past?  Just because your Uncle Jimmy has tried every MLM business on the planet, that doesn’t make him an expert and therefore qualified to start his own Network Marketing Company.  You want to look for seasoned successful professionals that have built empires in the past. Do they have a  grasp of compensation plans, (binary, matrix etc) fast start bonuses, leadership bonuses, the list goes on and on.  Who are they surrounded by?  Do they demand the kind of respect and endorsements from say a legend like Robert Kiyosaki? Are there other top leaders within the MLM world that have joined forces with your company, adding even more value to it?

4. Marketing
Does your MLM company offer a strong set of marketing sales tools? Printed brochures, DVD’s and other tools for you to provide to your potential downline?

Without costing you your first born!  It’s essential they provide webinars and weekly calls that you can send your prospects to, and not just some homemade powerpoint presentation that just confuses them.  Think back to your first introduction into Network Marketing…  Binary Compensation WHAT?  It was like reading Greek, unless you happen to be Greek you had no idea what they were talking about.

5. Training
I can remember the very first MLM company that I got stated with, a juice company… (doesn’t everyone start there?)

They did have a very unique product which stood out from all the rest, but I had no idea how to go about talking to my warm market. Needless to say I burned out most of my friends, and didn’t get much for Christmas that year from the family. (lol)
Do they offer webinars, daily training calls, people to connect with for 3-way calls? A lead generation system in your back office to help you sort through the serious from the “get rich quick” wanna be’s? Or are they just old school and tell you to go out and put a list together of 100 names of your family and friends, and offer little or no direction on how to approach them? It’s 2010 and the internet has changed the way we market. I would make sure the company you choose is in the 21st century and at the very least, offers information about Attraction Marketing, Lead Generation and Branding yourself.

6. Policies and Procedures
If your companies Policies and Procedures list is more the size of “War and Peace”, you might want to think twice about signing up.

Certain rules and regulations required by the MLM bylaws add to every companies P&P. But c’mon, does there really need to be 85 pages about what you can and cannot do, say, or think? Anything under 25 pages should be reasonable. Beyond that I would venture to guess the company is going to limit how you can market their product.  Some may even prohibit you from Internet and Attraction Marketing, putting you at a complete disadvantage in todays marketplace.

Well there you have it! Do you want to be with Rocky or Pewee?

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  • Richard Petrillo 08/31/2010,

    Hi Oliver,
    You make a couple very good points that I neglected to mention.
    Thank you for your insight.

  • Oliver Tausend 08/31/2010,

    Hi Richard,

    powerful post and thank you reminding people of reading their policies and procedures. Apart from marketing restrictions, they might contain termination clauses, annuals renewals and other lethal stuff. Just one word of caution: There are some opportunities in the marketplace endorsed by celebrities that contain that very stuff in their policies and procedures.

    Take care


  • Richard Petrillo 08/02/2010,

    Thank you Kevin for your comment. My goal here is to provide useful information for people that are struggling with their business. I would be happy to discuss in detail with you some of the other things I am doing. Feel free to email me at Richard@RichardPetrillo.com or give a ring at the number listed above. Thanks again,

    Make it a great day!

  • kevin 08/02/2010,

    Excellent article. Conscientious AND helpful. Perhaps you could give us more on what products YOU are “into” right now ?

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