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Insanely Simple MLM Prospecting Tips For Your Home Based Business

mlm prospecting

MLM Prospecting Tips – The Good Ones Are Hard to Come By…


I am always looking for a less Salesy approach when talking with a new prospect about a home based business. We are bombarded daily with “The Pitch.”  Day in and day out it’s:  Buy this Super Duper Life Saving Drink, or that Mysteriously Magical Weight Loss Program, Hair Products, MP3 Players, Cars, Toothpaste, you name it. Advertisers are constantly shoving things down our throats!  Nobody likes being sold!  Here are a few great mlm prospecting tips to use when prospecting face to face. It’s like selling  without the selling.

Once you have started a conversation with that new prospect, and this works best by the way when you are lets say, at the airport or traveling. Look for the opportunity to ask them, “where they are from?” If they are from a state or country that you know your company does business in, give this a try.

“Oh yeah, I love it there, great place.  Hey you know, I’ve been looking to expand my business in that area but I’ve never had a contact in that city”.

Now there are two MLM prospecting approaches you can take here.

Direct or Indirect:

When using the Direct approach, and if they show any interest in your business just say to them. “I tell you what, if I get you some information would you check it out?”(sure) – then ask them. “When can you look over the info?” (tonight when I get home).  “Okay, so if I call you at this time, or that time,  you will have looked at it right?” Always give them 2 choices, it avoids the yes or no answer.  “Okay great, what is the best number to reach you at?”

From there it’s all in the FOLLOW UP! Remember, MLM prospecting is all about the follow up!

Indirect Approach:

Where are you from?… “Oh yeah, I love it there, great place.  Hey you know, I’ve been looking to expand my business in that area.  Listen, if you know other people in your area that may be interested and are ambitious, willing to work, and coachable, I can make it worth your while.”

Again, MLM prospecting is all in the follow up!  You’ve already set up a time and told them you would call, be sure and do it!  Chances are good, even though they told you they would look at, they haven’t. Never assume your prospect will take the initiative and actually do what they said they would do. In most cases I always try and assume positive intent, except when it comes to prospecting.

Its okay if they haven’t gotten to it yet, just say to them. “No problem, I’ve got 5 or 6 people to contact right now who HAVE  looked it over.  Would you have a chance to look at it by tomorrow night. How about I call you at 6 pm, or would 7:30 be a better time? (again, give them a choice).

Thats it!  This insanely simple MLM prospecting approach is not only easy to bring up in any conversation, but its a very non salsey and non threatening approach.  Give it a whirl and feel free to contact me, I would love to hear how this MLM prospecting system is working for you.

MLM Prospecting Tips, Richard Petrillo

Thanks for taking the time!
Richard Petrillo

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  • Richard Petrillo 05/19/2012,

    Spot on Dennis!
    That’s the best approach! Learning how to listen is equally important as knowing what to say and ask!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Dennis 04/04/2012,

    I like striking up converstations and getting people to actually ask me what I do. I think getting them to talk about themselves is easy to do and it leads them to asking that golden question. What do you do?

    • Richard Petrillo 04/20/2012,

      Hey Dennis,

      Thanks for your comment! I agree, most people try and do all the talking instead of listening. It’s far more productive to let the prospect talk so you know which direction to take the conversation… Appreciate you stopping by!

  • Richard Petrillo 07/29/2010,

    Thanks Kathy,
    Couldn’t have stated that better myself!


  • Kathy G 07/29/2010,

    Great post Richard!
    I am most fond of the indirect approach….it’s all about posturing. If you are offering something wonderful to OTHER people when you talk to someone they tend to ask for more information for themselves. If THEY are asking for more information the conversation ends up being way more organic. It is so important to not ever try to convince anyone to look at the opportunity, but if they internally choose to go there you can truly offer them something that can change their life.

    Kathy G

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