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How To Generate MLM Leads Using BetterNetworker

Using BetterNetworker To Generate MLM Leads

If you’re not familiar with the BetterNetworker or Jason Better websites, you really should spend some time at both places.

Today I would like to discuss a couple of strategies on how to generate MLM leads, particularly free mlm leads using the BetterNetworker website, which can be used in conjunction with your own blog if you have one.  

Bear in mind, it’s not necessary to own a blog in order to generate MLM leads because as you will see, BetterNetworker gives it’s paid subscribers the ability to generate qualified mlm leads within each article that you write.  I will explain more in a moment.

BetterNetworker is the most powerful MLM Social Community for the Home Based Business Owner that I know of. With over 3000 sites linking back to it and a Worldwide Alexa score of 5800, with a U.S. traffic rank of 2355.  This is one powerful tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to generating MLM leads and getting ranked on the first page of a Google search.

Generate MLM Leads

I have created content on my blog in the past, spun the article and posted it on BetterNetworker and 7 out of 10 times the BetterNetworker article will rank higher than my blog post, and within a day or two if my keyword research was done correctly. I can be in the top 5 spots of Google thanks to the power of BetterNetworker.

Click here to read one of my articles on the BN site:

Benefits of BetterNetworker.com  (BN)

Aside from being a vehicle to Generate MLM Leads, (which we will talk about) BN is your one stop shop for education when it comes to learning everything there is to know about Internet Marketing, MLM, Internet Lead Generation, and more.

1. Resources –

Do you want to know about Article Marketing and the 3 best places to promote your work?  You can find it here. Copywriting, Merchant Accounts, Outsourcing, Press Releases,Tracking & Testing, Doing Video, Web Development, Top MLM Companies and more! It’s all under the Resources Tab.

2. Forums –

Get connected in one of the many forums inside BetterNetworker, create relationships, help solve people’s problems with answers to their questions, learn from others. It’s a fantastic way to generate MLM leads.

3. Groups, Community, Companies –

Three more places to connect, share ideas, learn and build relationships. Network Marketing is all about building relationships with expert SEO service and ultimately picking up Free network marketing leads.

4. Instructors –

Some of the most successful leaders in the industry are all members of The BetterNetworker.   They are just a click away and waiting to teach you everything they know about generating FREE MLM leads and Internet Marketing Secrets.

5. Content –

There is no better place that I can think of to get fresh content to write about than BN. Some of the best copywriters in the biz add value to BN everyday with the article and blogs they post. If writers block has got you down it’s a great place to get content, headlines on just about any subject regarding MLM, Home Based Businesses, and Lead Generation Ideas!

How To Generate MLM Leads Using BetterNetworker As A Stand Alone Platform

One of the advantages of being a member of BetterNetworker is that you can select from a variety of Lead Capture Ad’s to attach to each article or blog post that you create on the BetterNetworker site.

The beauty of these Lead Capture Ads are, you can direct the reader anywhere you chose by adding a hyperlink in the opt in form. You will have to entice them with some kind of free offer in order to get them to give up their name and email address, but if they do, you have now generated a new lead and they have become part of your list.

generate mlm leads

If they don’t want to fill in the form but do click on your hyperlink… (My call to action  is simply) “Click Here To Get Started Today”. It will take them to my lead generation system capture page and Boom, it is that easy to generate MLM leads!

Using BetterNetworker in Conjunction With Your Blog To Generate MLM Leads is exactly the same process.

If you own a blog your purpose is to make that the “Central Hub” or “Nerve Center” as Mike Dillard refers to it.

The object is to direct everything you do in the online world back to your blog or nerve center.  If you belong to a Lead Generation System such as MLSP or the 7 Figure Networker (or any one of the many others)  then your blog becomes a way to funnel people into your Lead Generation System.

Here’s another fun tip and a way to generate MLM leads using BN.  I was pretty excited and honored to learn today that I made it on the “Most Popular” list of articles on BetterNetworker’s site with an article I wrote: “MonaVie.com -Who Spilled The Juice?”

It’s had over 1700 views in the last 30 days. Talk about a powerful way to generate MLM leads for free.  People who see the article on the front page of BN and take the time to read it will also be able to view my profile on BetterNetworker where I have links back to my blog, primary company, and lead generation capture pages.

If you stop by BN please click on the “Vote” button for me, it’s just one of the ways that the Better Networker rates the value you bring to their site.

Another way I am able to drive traffic to the article is through Twitter and Facebook. With over 50,000 twitter followers (between 4 accounts) it is the main tool I use to direct people to my blog and other places. Especially when using Twitter you want to be sure and provide value with your tweets 80% of the time. People are looking for solutions and all around want to have fun when using the social networking sites. Facebook can be a very effective tool as well!

Don’t bombard people with a sales pitch all day long, it’s the quickest way to get yourself un-followed!

Hopefully you have learned the value of what BN can do for you and your business and if you haven’t been using it thus far, maybe you will in the near future.

Please tell us about any experience you may have had with BetterNetworker by leaving a comment in the box below.  If you have anything to add on how to generate MLM leads your comments are also welcomed!

Richard Petrilllo Richard Petrillo

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P.S.  If you’ve been struggling in your Network Marketing Business with Generating Leads, Time Management and Leadership Skills… Well, Now’s There’s a Mobile App For That!

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  • Richard Petrillo 03/25/2013,

    Hey Brian,
    Keep me posted and let me know how it works for you.

    Glad we connected on FB. Look forward to reading your blog!

    Thanks for stopping by Brian!

  • Brian Couch 03/21/2013,

    I haven’t done much other than signup with better networker. Thanks for this! I’m going to try it. Also, I sent you a friend request on facebook. lets connect

    • Richard Petrillo 03/25/2013,

      Hey Brian,
      Keep me posted and let me know how it works for you.

      Glad we connected on FB. Look forward to reading your blog!

      Thanks for stopping by Brian!

  • Richard Petrillo 12/09/2011,

    Hey Chuck,

    My pleasure! I’ll look for you on the BN site!
    Thanks for the comment!

  • Charles Holmes 10/14/2011,


    I’ve only spent a little time on Better Networker as a free member. I had no idea we had access to these types of resources as a paid member. I will do a better job and upgrade my membership.

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips about lead generation on the BN site. I really appreciate it.

    Have a great day!

    • Richard Petrillo 12/09/2011,

      Hey Chuck,

      My pleasure! I’ll look for you on the BN site!
      Thanks for the comment!

  • Richard Petrillo 09/09/2011,

    Hey Ro,

    Thanks! For what you are doing I thing BetterNetworker is the perfect platform to spread the word, build backlinks and direct traffic to your marketing funnel.


  • Roshanda Gilmore 09/09/2011,

    Well SNAP!! Who new?!! Ok I’m gonna have to head over there and check you out! This sounds like a awesome platform and your breakdown was priceless Richard!! Thanks for sharing the good stuff! Woo Hoo, You ROCK!!

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