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How to Find Home Based Business Leads Without Breaking The Bank

How to Find Home Based Business LeadsHave You Been Struggling In Your MLM Business Trying To Figure Out How To Find Home Based Business Leads Without Breaking The Bank?

Well, I’m glad you’re here because I am going to show you 3 ways to generate free home business leads that can start giving you 15 to 25 new people to talk with every week. With little or no money out of pocket!I say little or no money because I’m going to share some free methods of finding leads, along with a couple of inexpensive ways that will bring more people to you than you thought possible.

But first let’s clarify “FREE” because there is no such thing as free leads in life. Just like the saying goes, there’s no free lunch, well, finding home based business leads is no different.

You’re either going to pay for your leads with your time, or money; and in some of cases both!

Top 3 Ways:  How To Find Home Based Business Leads Without Paying For Them

1. Prospecting

2. Social Media

3. Blogging and Article Marketing

If you’re just starting out building your home based business, I’m sure your upline has given you the make a list of your top 100 people spiel and they want you to start making calls with a script they have provided you with, sound familiar?

Now I’m not going to trash talk this idea because long before the internet came along, this is how tremendous downlines were built in the MLM industry. It’s not my preferred method of finding leads for my home business but if done properly, it can be very effective, and if you’re a worker, you need to know what if the employer doesn’t give you the paystub to know what tools to do in these cases.

Prospecting  Business Opportunity Leads

There are two ways to approach your warm market.

1. Share the opportunity

2. Lead with your product or service

Let’s be realistic, when it comes to your closest friends and family members, leading with your business opportunity is a lousy idea. If you are going to take this approach I suggest going about it like this:

Use The Referral Base Approach

A.  Start by paying them a genuine compliment, let them know how much you respect, admire and value their opinion. It is key to mention that you are aware of the tremendous network they have built and because they are so well connected, you are wondering if they might be able to help you out. By placing the emphasis on needing their help, and NOT hitting them up with your business opportunity, most people will be willing to help out a friend.

B. Let them know you’ve started a new business and want 20 minutes of their time because you are looking for a few recommendations. DON’T get into what the business or products are just yet. Let them know you’ll share that with them when you guys meet and have more time. Always appear super busy at the moment, remember you goal here is just to set the appointment with them, nothing else.

The biggest mistake most new newbies make with this approach is they start spewing every detail about their business, how much they will make, how the comp plan works and so on. Trust me – Don’t Do IT!

C. If you are going to lead with your product or service, be sure and position it as, who do they know that could benefit from what your product offers. If you’re selling a product that helps reduce inflammation and joint pain, find out how their parents are doing because the older generation will be in need of your product most.

Using Social Media To Find Work From Home Business Leads

social networking sites

I have found a ton of leads using various social media sites. The trick here is to pick one method and stick with it, master it until you are generating 2 to 5 leads a day.

Find what you are most comfortable with and take action!

Most People Go About Social Media The Wrong Way!

If you are going to be successful using social media then there is a “golden rule” that must be followed.

Build a Relationship First and Provide Value Second!

People are on social networks to be SOCIAL, not to be sold to! It doesn’t matter what social site you are on, it is extremely important to build up a relationship first by joining in on conversations and providing value with your comments.

The top 6 social media sites that you should be using are:

YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter.

Any of these social sties will generate a large amount of leads once you learn how to market with them.

YouTube for instance is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your work seen. It’s not for everyone though. If you are camera shy, then stick with one of the other social networking methods. It also requires the most technical skills. Nearly everyone has a smart phone and can shoot a half way decent video. If you’re using an iPhone, you can download iMovie and edit your work right on your phone. With the click of a button you can share it to your YouTube channel.  (simple version) If you’re looking to create a more professional feel, then you will need to have some better equipment, an understanding of lighting, video editing software, and a decent computer. This will require time, effort, and money.

Pinterest has become a powerful tool when it comes to finding business leads. I’ve dedicated an article to driving traffic using Pinterest which you can read by clicking the link above.

LinkedIn now has over 200 million members in over 200 countries. Roughly 49% of LinkedIn members enjoy a household income of $100,000.00. There are over 1.5 million LinkedIn “Groups” that you can join.  These groups are LinkedIn’s secret weapon for finding home based business leads. This is a very different network compared to Facebook, Twitter and the others. This is a business network not a social playground like Facebook. They way you interact on LinkedIn is very different and should be taken seriously.  I have put together a special report on a very unique strategy for connecting and using groups on LinkedIn. If you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll forward you the report.

Google Plus Although Google+ hasn’t taken the place of Facebook (and probably never will) as social networking sites go, remember this: Google Loves Google. That said, G+ is a powerful social site that can rank you on the first page of a search, just by posting your blog article and having it shared a few times on your wall. As a matter of fact, it’s the only way now to have authorship show up in the search results. Authorship is when you see a gravatar, (picture, typically of the author) next to the listing. Google hang-outs are another powerful tool when it comes to SEO. 

Twitter has been my best source of generating leads online. Currently I receive close to 1100 unique visits a month from my twitter following to my blog. You can have more than one account with Twitter, you just need to set up each account using a different email address. I have 4 accounts with over 110,000 followers to date. That gives me a large audience which I can direct anywhere I choose.

I have been so successful with using Twitter that I created an ebook that covers everything from setting up an account, to driving massive amounts of leads using Twitter. You can find it on the sidebar if you want to know all the secrets to using Twitter.

The best way to utilize Twitter is use the 80/20 rule. Engage people 80% of the time by retweeting their stuff and comment on things related to your niche. Add inspirational quotes, share images and videos of things that will get retweeted. Keep things light and humors, but don’t go overboard on the humor.

Twenty percent of your tweets can be self promoting, but spread them out. This goes hand and hand with our next method of generating leads without having to pay for them.

Blogging and Article Marketing

network marketing leads

This will take the longest to start producing quality leads and requires the most time and effort. There is a lot to learn when it comes to driving traffic via blogging or article marketing in order to have people find you.

You Will Need Basic Knowledge Of

> Copywriting

> Keyword Research

> Article Directories

> Setting Up a Blog

> Autoresponders

> Capture Pages

> How to Get Ranked on Search Engines (SEO)

These are a few of the skills required in order to be successful. All of which with information online you can find.

Getting back to Twitter for a moment, having a vehicle such as your own self hosted blog, (which is always the best way to approach blogging). This is where you create valuable content that you will drive traffic to. Your goal is to help others solve problems they are having in their networking business. Content is king and if you are providing quality information, people searching online will find you; providing you’ve done your keyword research and set everything up correctly.

But the key to all this is solving other people’s problems. It’s called Attraction Marketing. People are online searching for solutions 24/7. If you can provide them with the answers they are searching for, bingo, you just captured a free lead.

For me, having this blog is a central hub, a place to build relationships with my audience. By offering solutions freely, people begin to trust me, as they will you. Once I have content that people are searching online for, I can direct them to it from Twitter, directly to my blog with the answers they are looking for.

If you plan on marketing on Twitter, you best have a place to send people other than just a capture page. People who are spamming squeeze pages constantly on Twitter risk having their account shut down in a hurry.

How to Find Home Based Business Leads Using Paid Advertising

This is the quickest way to get leads for your home based business, it is also where you will spend the most time & money.

PPC – Pay Per Click (also called cost per click)

CPV – Cost Per View

Solo Ads – Email Based Advertising – Placing Ads on Other Peoples Email List

Since this post was mainly about finding fresh home business leads without paying for them, here’s a link that breaks down various forms of paid online advertising.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_advertising

Is it a little more clear now on how to find home based business leads without breaking the bank? I hope so! Be sure and leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends in the social networking circles.

If you are ready to start generating leads online now, without all the hassle of building websites, capture pages, or breaking the bank…

CLICK HERE  For a Proven Formula That is Being Used by Thousands of People Just Like You, and Start Generating Leads Today!

To Your Massive Success!

Richard Petrillo

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Richard Petrillo
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  • Richard Petrillo 08/29/2014,

    Thanks so much Mav for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    I had struggled with this subject for a long time and once I figured out a couple of strategies that I enjoyed doing and saw results, it made a huge difference in my business.

    I appreciate you sharing this post. Have a great weekend!


  • Mav 08/29/2014,

    What a great article! Wonderful information. I have been thinking differently about this subject for a while and it is awesome that you have this all in one place. I will definitely share this.

  • Richard Petrillo 08/12/2014,

    I agree Linda, having a network marketing business is the best way to build financial freedom!

    Taking advantage of the many social networks, when done the right way, can build a large number of fresh leads to share your business opportunity with.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • linda 08/12/2014,

    I must say this has been a thorough lesson. I need to sharpen up some of my skills and test the waters more. Great information…very valuable for anyone who networks! Only way to build financial freedom!

    • Richard Petrillo 08/12/2014,

      I agree Linda, having a network marketing business is the best way to build financial freedom!
      Taking advantage of the many social networks, when done the right way, can build a large number of
      fresh leads to share your business opportunity with.
      Thanks for leaving a comment!

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