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How To Build A Shopping Annuity That Will Pay You For Years To Come!


Shopping Annuity

The two questions I get asked most are, What’s a Shopping Annuity and Can Anyone Build One?


If you’re on social media much you may have seen the (hashtag) #ShoppingAnnuity plastered everywhere, along with the Convert Spending into Earnings logo as shown above.

In this article I will answer both of these questions and tell you how anyone can easily build a shopping annuity that can pay out for years to come. 

In order to answer the first question, “What is a Shopping Annuity, let’s take a look at what a typical annuity is so you can understand the differences.

traditional annuity

A typical annuity is where you invest either a large sum of money at one time or you must have discretionary income to make fixed sum payments each month to fund your annuity.

Down the road at a specified period of time you can then start to take distributions on that money, but remember, this is money that…

1. Was directly out of pocket

2. It must be tied up for a considerable amount of time and you cannot touch it, without paying taxes and penalty fees. Kinda like your 401K, if you are lucky enough to have a job with a company that offers one.

The Shopping Annuity on the other hand is based on money that you are already spending!

We all purchase things everyday and have monthly expenses that include things like: Toothpaste, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, furniture, electronics, shampoo, clothing, eye glasses, vitamins, utilities, food, school supplies, etc.

By redirecting the money you are already spending through your own shopping website, you will earn cashback on nearly every purchase you make. Market America and Shop.com have created a business plan that over time will take full advantage of building a #shoppingannuity.

Check out the video below as it will give you a better idea of why you need to be building an online shopping business.

Here’s the beauty about building a shop.com annuity business.

1. With over 4000 partner stores to shop from, you can purchase from all the stores you know and love, while at the same time, get paid for shopping with the CashBack program.

2. It’s free for everyone to join as a customer,  you can build a loyal customer base because they are saving money by shopping through your website. They get the best deals online, the lowest prices, AND get paid CashBack to shop at the stores they already shop from.

To create a free account and start taking advantage of getting paid to shop, click here!

3. As you invite friends and relatives to shop on your site, you will get .05% CashBack on everything they purchase. As they invite their friends and family, they’ll receive the same 0.5% CashBack on referrals.

4. As you are building your Market America business, everyone on your team receives 100% of the volume allowing everyone to contribute to the teams Shopping Annuity.

5. You use the same money you’d be spending (and not a dime more) on everyday living expenses, entertainment, clothing, household items, etc. and turn that same money into an investment that will pay you down the road as your business builds out.

If you were looking to buy a new TV or Washer/Dryer you would probably research everything online first, you would read reviews, check prices and then buy from the store with the lowest price, right?

Well now instead of spending $800 on a TV and that money being spent and lost forever, why not take that same $800 and turn it into an investment that will pay you down the road. That’s what the Shopping Annuity has to offer.

Individually your buying power doesn’t offer much, but collectively, customers and business partners create leverage. Leverage that will pay you for years to come!

If you would like more information on how you can build a shopping annuity for you and your family, either get back to the person that suggested this article or leave your information below, I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Richard Petrillo

Happy Shopping!

Richard Petrillo
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  • Richard Petrillo 04/14/2016,

    Hi Steve,
    You are exactly right about Uber individuals creating their own income. The #ShoppingAnnuity allows you to create your own economy! The biggest difference is Uber drivers are only creating income when they are out driving, just like any other job. There is no leverage in most corporate positions. Most dream of getting paid while sleeping or on vacation. Building a business around the shopping annuity can allow just that! Shoot me an email at: Richard@WebsiteProSolution.com if you would like to learn more.

    Thanks for the comment Steve!

  • Steve Dooley 04/01/2016,

    This sounds really interesting. I have heard about this concept of “decentralization of wealth” – which is what you talk about here. Like, how Uber has allowed the individuals to create their own incomes using their own cars. If we could do this by simply changing how we shop for stuff we are already buying, that could be a game changer for my family’s retirement (or lack thereof) plans…So how does it work exactly?

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