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Has Your Monavie.com Business Lost It’s Berry?

Does your Monavie.com business feel like someone has spilled the MLM Juice?

Monavie.com Business

Perhaps your downline isn’t what you hoped it would be by now. Maybe it’s time to step back and examine where your MonaVie.com business is headed. Or maybe you are looking to start building a MonaVie business and if that’s the case read on!

Mona Vie is a great company and has made many-a-millionaire over the last several years! They have a solid product line which is based on the Acai fruit, great leaders and a pretty good compensation plan.

Monavie is one of the true MLM success stories in the instustry, blasting from a few million dollars in sales per year, to over 1 billion in sales in just 5 short years!

Not many MLM companies can boast those kinds of numbers!

Which could be one of the reasons your Monavie.com business isn’t juicing it like it used to!

Once a network marketing company hits the billion dollar mark in the North American Market, they usually hit a plateau. Actually most fall back 15% to 25% from what I have observed.

When the economy tanks like it has the last few years, luxuries like a Superjuice are one of the first things to go. MonaVie will most likely continue to do well, but the explosive growth phase is probably over.

So, where can you expect to take your Monavie.com business?

International growth is about the only way a new distributor will be able to make it big with the Monavie acai berry. Mona Vie is opening up several new International markets and if you’re well connected, willing to work them hard, you should be alright. But… It won’t be like the Glory Days!

Let’s not forget this is a global economy now and as belts have been tightened here in the U.S. the same is going on in most places across the globe.

If you’ve been considering starting your own Monavie.com business you might want to think twice about having a luxury product to sell. As good as MonaVie products are, they are only as good as the market demand.

There are hundreds if not thousands of MLM companies to choose from. If  you are seriously considering a network marketing business, before you decide on a company that requires a product, or products that must be sold; expensive monthly auto-ships which are required in order to take home a paycheck. Then…

Consider building a business that has started off from day 1 growing at a viral pace. In the first two months over 50,000 people have joined and industry experts predict, 2 million people will be on board in the next 24 months!

This business is the perfect compliment to any business. It revolves around personal development and growth. (Finally there’s an App for that) With NO initial start-up fee or monthly autoship, for only $9,95 a month people can, Earn as They Learn!

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But if Monavie.com is where your heart is, then by all means dig in because like I said at the start. It’s a great company, with great people and the monavie drink has been very popular. Everyone loves the Acai fruit.

But do yourself a favor first, if you plan on growing a team with your Monavie.com business, think about how personal development can enhance all of your teammates lives and make them stronger Monvie producers.

Talk is, this will be the next company to hit the billion dollar mark within their first 5 years…

They did it over at Monavie.com, its time for it to happen again!

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Here’s to your success in all you do!

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