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Funded Proposal vs Affiliate Marketing

The Benefits of a Funded Proposal versus Affiliate Marketing for your Internet Marketing Business!

Funded Proposal

They say if you want to earn a 6 figure income, affiliate marketing is a viable way to go.  But, if you want to become a millionaire, create your own Funded Proposal, and if you really want to break the bank… Add your own affiliate program to it.

Let’s breakdown the difference between the funded proposal and affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing is all about selling someone else’s product, something you don’t own but are able to earn anywhere from a 30% to 55% commission with.

The perfect example of an affiliate product would be Mike Dillard’s, Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike pioneered Attraction Marketing so if you don’t know who he is, I suggest doing a little research.

What is the number one benefit of Affiliate Marketing?

Aside from the monetary rewards… The bulk of the work has been done for you.

Someone else has spent all the time and effort to produce the product, (which can be extremely time consuming.) They are also responsible for creating all the capture and sales pages, setting up a back office, tracking and payment systems, and much more!

With Affiliate Marketing, all you need to do is go out and promote the product. Savvy internet and network marketing professionals all belong to more than one affiliate marketing system. It’s the perfect way to help fund your MLM companies advertising budget.

Ninety percent of the products I use such as: Aweber, Hostgator, TribePro etc. all have affiliate programs connected to them. Take a look around, if I have bought a product or service and believe it offers great value, why wouldn’t I recommend it to others?

After all, that’s what this blog is all about, helping those who are searching for solutions!  But at the same time, it will pay for most of your MLM training and education.

Disadvantages to Affiliate Marketing:

1. The List you build is not your own. It belongs to the Affiliate marketing company.

2. Most only pay up to 50% commissions, leaving half the profit on the table. Don’t get me wrong, they have done all the leg work and are providing the tracking system etc. They deserve every penny.

3. Can be costly to run ads to promote someone else’s product. Be it Solo Ads, PPC, Classified Ads, Facebook advertising and on down the line.

So What Are The Benefits of a Funded Proposal?

Funded Proposal Bullseye

1. Create 100% Immediate Profits

2. The List You Build Is Your Own

3. Create Endless Leads – That you can market to for years to come, as long as they don’t opt-out.

4. Solve Problems For Other Struggling Network Marketers or business owners.

5. Have More People To Introduce Your Network Marketing Business to.

So what is the single largest disadvantage to putting together your own Funded Proposal?

Product Creation!

Once you have done all your research and zeroed in on a niche that you know will be valuable to your potential customer base; something people are willing to part their hard earned money for, you then have to create the product and package it.

This can take weeks, even months depending on the value you plan to deliver with a product, which determines the selling price.  Value = Price.

If you are planning on doing a small report vs. a full blown video course, that will determine time, effort, and price.

Something else to think about when putting together your funded proposals are the follow up product or products that need to be created.

A powerful system will always include “The Up-Sell”.  A product or several products that can be offered at the time of the original sale, at a large discount, as an offer that can’t be refused.

There is a short cut to product creation which is called PLR or Private Label Rights products.

These are products which have been created by someone else which are sold with resale rights, giving you the ability to repackage and market as your own.

Here are some examples of products you can use for your funded proposal.

In closing, depending upon your skill set, creating your own funded proposal can be far more lucrative than affiliate marketing. My advice to anyone new in the industry is to get connected with a product and affiliate program first that you strongly believe in and try your hand at it.

Learning how to market online is key to becoming successful in either venture.

To Your Massive Success!

Effective leadership skills, Richard Petrillo Richard Petrillo




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  • Richard Petrillo 07/13/2013,

    Great points Jeng,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    All the best,

  • jengcua 07/01/2013,

    Hi Richard!

    Yes, I agree with you.

    It is a fact that people naturally are attracted to those who they perceive as holding value for them. Holding value for others is much different than conceited or being cocky, it is based on humble, perseverance, passion and determination on how you build your own self esteem. Don’t chase after your prospects. This will reflect on you by having a lower value on yourself, exactly what you don’t want. Your prospects or your customers need you more than you need them.

    To your One Step Up
    Jeng Cua

    • Richard Petrillo 07/13/2013,

      Great points Jeng,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      All the best,

  • Richard Petrillo 05/19/2012,

    Hey Wayne,

    Thanks for your comment and advice. Mike Dillards program has been huge in funding my advertising.
    You’re right about Empower but this pays 3.5 times more without having to do any blogging etc…
    Thanks again,

  • Wayne Woodworth 05/13/2012,

    Great post Richard. I agree completely with using affiliate marketing opportunities to help build your network marketing business.

    You can use Magnetic Sponsoring to build your own list. Mike Dillard gives you a link directly to the sales page. So you can create your own opt-in form that will build your list and then redirect people to the MS sales page. You can do the same thing with the Empower Network, and it pays 100% commission.

  • Richard Petrillo 04/20/2012,

    Thanks Steve.
    I appreciate your insight and thoughts on Magnetic Sponsoring!
    It’s what got it all started for me! Best $29 I ever spent.


  • Steve 04/13/2012,

    You’ve offered some valuable information for network marketers trying to generate leads online. Lead generation can get expensive.

    If you expect to stay in the marketing game long enough to sponsor reps and get your investment back you absolutely must incorporate an affiliate marketing campaign or funded proposal while building your list. This will fund your marketing efforts.
    Richard, you are totally right about Mike Dillard’s book magnetic sponsoring. It transformed my whole business. This is exactly what he teaches and that book is a necessity for any online network marketer…..Be sure to click the link up in this post a grab a copy ASAP…..don’t even attempt marketing without this information….

    Thanks for this great post Richard….so much value!

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