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Four or 40 Year Plan – Which Are You On?

The 40 Year Plan Has Been Drilled Into Us Since Birth!

40 Year PlanMost of us have been raised, or deceived with the 40 year plan. We spend about 18 years of our lives in school then we hit the real world and start our career around the age of 25.

We work the 40 year plan hoping to be able to retire at 65, because they told us it works that way. You know, go to college, get a good job, climb the ladder and by the time you’re 65, you will have it made.

Well, you know what you get after working the 40 year plan?

Statistically, based on 100 people who started working at the age of 25… After 40 years!

31 – Are Dead

68 – are Dead Broke

1 – Is Financially Secure

So much for the 40 year plan!

Ironically, as I am sitting here writing this post, in comes an email from someone who filled in the form on the right saying…  I’m 48 years old, back in school working on an aeronautic degree, I’ve got no life, I just want to finish school! I really have no idea how you can help me!!!

Now mind you, they Opted-In looking for info on how to market online and was responding to one of my auto-responder emails.

I’m thinking to myself, 48, back in school? That’s great, trying to reinvent yourself!


To start the 40 year plan all over again at 48, go back to working for someone else who will control all of your time, allow you very little freedom, etc. etc. Work till you’re 88?

No Thanks! I’ll stick to the 4 year plan!

Do you know what the 4 year plan is? Well, in Network Marketing its very possible to create wealth and a substantial residual income in only 4 years of hard work.

But you know what the biggest problem is with the 4 year plan? People don’t stick with it. Normally to get started with a MLM or Network Marketing company the initial investment  is so minimal, they look at it as a hobby. They pursue it for a few months and then quit!  (click here to see why people fail in Network Marketing)

The last time I checked, most hobbies don’t pay a whole lot!

Contraryto what a lot of MLM companies will tell you, it does require work! A fair amount of it I might add. They make it out to be so simple, just a few hours a week, you only need to get a couple of people under you and before you know it, it’s raining money!

Ha, yeah right!  IF it were that simple, everyone would be doing it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll take this over the 40 year plan any day of the week! It really comes down to one thing!

How badly do you want it?

Network Marketing was a $125 billion dollar industry in 2010 and it’s responsible for creating more millionaires than any other industry. You can read the WSJ article on Direct Sales by clicking here!

Are you currently looking for ways to generate some additional income? Most people in todays economy are. I’ll be straight up with you, if you’ve got 10 to 12 hours a week and you are serious about sacrificing a couple of years to gain the financial & time freedom that we all deserve…

Then I invite you to have a look at something that could change your life forever! 

Why continue down the path of the 40 year plan when you can accomplish so much more in 4 or 5 years? Even if you’re looking just to make an extra 500 to 1000 per month, part-time , this is the vehicle that will take you to whatever goal you’re after.

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Stop Living The 40 Year Plan!

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