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Avatar, Gravatar, Shmavatar – Learn How to Make Your Own Avatar

Learn how to make your own Avatar! It’s simple, and everyone should have One! – Video

make your own avatar

Have you ever been surfing the web, checking out different blogs, looking for training or ideas and come across an article that was so useful, you just had to leave a comment to the author?   Have you seen that little icon next to the comment of someone’s picture, or some crazy graphic, and wondered how it got there?  Well, it’s called an Avatar and they are a great way for you to leave your mark all over the web, and for a good reason too!

One of the best ways to do this is to make your own avatar.  It will set you apart from the thousands who don’t have one.

Having a presence online is one of the most important things you can do when branding yourself. Just like having your picture in your header, or a fun section on your blog with pictures and personal tibits will help with branding.  Another  key way is to have a welcome video on your homepage, these are all ways of branding YOU!

It’s easy to make your own avatar and I have put together a short video to show you how!

SO, was it easy enough to make your own avatar?  Let me know and if you enjoyed this post please do me a favor,  share it with others, retweet, and leave a comment.

I hope to see your Avatar next to your comment!

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Thanks for visiting my video!
Richard Petrillo

One more thing, when you make your own avatar, always pick an image that is light and upbeat!

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  • Richard Petrillo 08/22/2010,

    Thanks Steve,
    Glad you liked it. Just by signing up at Gravatar with your email address and uploading an image, it does the rest for you.


  • Steve Dooley 08/16/2010,

    Great video man. That was really simple to set up. How does your avatar get onto the comments, you tube, etc? Do you just use the link to it?


    Steve Dooley

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