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7 Steps To Effective Leadership Skills For Your Network Marketing Business

Effective Leadership Skills For Your Network Marketing Business Begins With Focusing On What’s Best For Others!

Effective Leadership SkillsDeveloping effective leadership skills is all about solving peoples problems. How can you help others succeed in their network marketing business is the question you should be asking yourself.

I came across a leadership skills training the other night by Penny Turko that I wanted to share with you.

These 7 simple but Effective Leadership Skills are essential in order to become the leader that others will want to follow.

1. Vocabulary – Keep a positive tone to everything you say! Effective leaders refrain from negative comments and have learned to speak with positive intent. If you’ve had trouble with prospecting, generating leads, or a fear of the phone for example. Instead of talking in a negative tone, try starting out with… “In the past I had trouble with prospecting or picking up the phone”.  But now after working on those areas, I have become much more effective.  Then share your solutions to those problems.

One of the more effective leadership skills is the ability to LISTEN! Let others tell their story first. People love to talk about themselves, accomplishments, family, kids, etc. Let them do the talking, probe to find out what makes them tick, then sit back and listen. God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.

2. Stop Staring At Your Results – Focus more on the actions that cause the success!  It does no good to constantly be looking for results on the ad you just ran or if another lead has come into your funnel. Spend your energy and take what has worked for you and share it with your team and others. Do it in a step by step fashion, don’t hold anything back. There are no secrets here! Help those around you, they  will view you as a leader and someone with effective leadership skills.

3. Questions – Think about all the questions you had when you first got started so you can provide answers to those questions for your team. Be prepared and know exactly how you are going to help them solve problems and build their business. If you have no answers, that equals no confidence from your teammates. Leaders prepare for it, and it will happen. Be ready!

4. Credibility – Solve the problems for your target market, even before you have all the results yourself. You have 90% more information at your fingertips than someone brand new to network marketing. Never cut yourself short on what you have to offer. If you don’t have the answer, tell them, let’s find out together. Either way you will end up providing a solution and at the same time you will reinforce your effective leadership qualities and skills.

5. Embrace Sales –  As a leader you must be able to sell them on the idea you have the solution to their problems.

6. Everything Is Long Term –  You must look and act that way. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your network marketing business. Decide now that you will make it no matter what it takes. Take action daily and teach your team to do the same. They will do what they see you do. Keep focused, maximize your time, set goals and keep your eye on the prize, these are key leadership skills!

7. Create An Entourage – Create a team that works together towards a common goal. Create a community where everyone shares and can grow together. Stay plugged in and teach them the importance of plugging into whatever system you and your company has to offer.

Effective leadership skills require you to take action, build it, because they will come! Don’t worry about failures, worry instead about the opportunities you missed!

In a recent article I share why developing Personal Growth skills are an important factor to becoming a leader. You can read about it here!

Effective leadership skills, Richard Petrillo

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  • Richard Petrillo 07/12/2012,

    I agree Nick,

    If you can solve people’s problems and learn how to reach your target audience then you will be golden!

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Nick 06/28/2012,

    This is great post it really is all about surrounding yourself with the right people! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Richard Petrillo 05/29/2012,

    Thanks Deborah,
    I can’t take all the credit… Penny Turko did a great training the other night and I just took good notes 🙂

    Best way to get new material for the blog, sign up for a training or two each month.


  • Deborah Peters 05/29/2012,

    Great Post Richard! You really hit home on the key to being able to build with a solid foundation. 🙂 TY!

    • Richard Petrillo 05/29/2012,

      Hey Thanks Deborah!
      Appreciate you taking the time to comment. 🙂

      How is everything going with you? Went to your site… Cool & fun art! How is your marketing working for you with it?
      Hope all is well.

  • Richard Petrillo 04/03/2012,

    Thanks Penny,

    You did an excellent job on the call the other night! Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Penny Turko 04/02/2012,

    Hey Richard!
    So glad to see you enjoyed the call and passed it on to those that follow you!!

  • Richard Petrillo 03/26/2012,

    Thanks John!

    I agree, number 6 is the key! Long term outlook!
    I appreciate you taking the time to share and comment!
    Hope all is well…

  • John Engle 03/26/2012,

    Hey Richard,

    You made some great points… I look for solutions from leaders for any issues I could have, and being able to apply ideas by doing what the leaders do, (duplication) as in number 6.

    Awesome article my friend!

    John Engle

    • Richard Petrillo 03/26/2012,

      Hey John,
      Thanks so much for sharing and commenting on this article! In just a short time it has 4 more FB clicks! I greatly appreciate it!

      Hope you are well. 🙂

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