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5 Ways The Bump Card Will Boost Your Marketing!

The Bump Card Digital Business Card

The Bump Card is creating a lot of chatter online right now about how it will boost marketing for any business owner.

So you may be asking, okay, what is the BumpCard?

In this article I will answer that question and give you 5 reasons why you should at least be aware of what the Bump Card is and what it can do for your business, or anyone who owns business.

In a nutshell, The Bump Card / Bump Ring is basically like having a mobile website built into your contact card or address book. It allows YOU to create and design a digital online presence, and it is extremely simple to set-up and use.

BumpCard Digital Business Card

Since we all carry our cell phones with us everywhere we go, the address book or contact list you have in your pocket or purse, can now be a VERY powerful marketing tool.

This digital business card will one day replace the traditional paper business card.

Here Are 5 Ways The BumpCard Will Boost Your Marketing.

  1. WOW Factor! Quickest and Most Innovative Way to Share Information that is always up to date!
  2. Can Be Shared Digitally, via Text, Email, Verbally, or with a Bump.
  3. Ongoing Marketing Campaigns To Customers via Share Codes Using Text Messaging.
  4. Build Capture Pages and Add Video Within Your Digital Business Card
  5. Manage & Market Multiple Business With One-Click

Click the image below to watch TheBumpCard Overview!

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1. The “WOW” Factor.

Let’s say you are at a networking event, or just out and about and someone asks for your business card. What if you could pull out your Bump Card or use your BumpRing, tap their phone and your mobile website appears on their screen? They can choose to save all of your information directly to their address book. WOW right?

2. Share Digitally, via Text, Email, Verbally, or with a Bump.

What if you are talking with a prospective client via Facebook messenger, text or over the phone and and they ask you what you’re up to these days… When the ask what you’ve been up to, simply say, text me at RichardP900900 and I’ll show you.

As soon as they do, a return text shows up on their phone with a link to your digital business card!  Once they click the link to accept, your Bump website opens up. That’s how powerful this marketing tool is.

3. Ongoing Marketing Campaigns To Customers via Share Codes Using Text SMS.

Now that they have accepted to save your information to their contacts, going forward you have the ability to continue to market to them via SMS marketing by way of Share Code technology.

A restaurant for instance can place a “Table Tent” card on each table that says: We’d love to offer you a 20% discount (or free appetizer) on your next visit. Just text (restaurant name) to 900900 and we will send you a voucher.

Through SMS marketing they can also offer coupons and incentives on a weekly or monthly basis such as this example:

Bump Card Coupons

Realtors are another prime example of how a business model can take advantage of improving their marketing campaigns by using the BumpCard technology. Add a video to your card, Maps & GPS, even add a link to current home listings!

With the ability to “SHARE” by text or email, this is the perfect “Word of Mouth Marketing” tool available.

You can share their digital card with a friend, even though you are not in the market to buy a house right now, by hitting the share button you can send the info to a friend who is looking to buy a home in that area. Brilliant marketing if you ask me!

Realtor BumpCard

4. Build Capture Pages and Add Video

Creating your Bump digital business card is as easy as copy & paste with the software available through the back office. Drag & Drop, color changes, adding url’s, and videos are a cinch. You can even add a capture page sign up form. 

If you can write and email or send a text, you can create your own stunning online web presence.

For a demonstration on how easy the software is to use, visit: https://youtu.be/7RVQohiwn1U

The Affiliate or Referral Program

Let’s discuss what I believe to be the most compelling reason to use the Bump technology in order to improve your marketing and increase your bottom line.

The creators of this technology have devised a very simple referral/affiliate program to incentivize people who want to share and generate an additional stream of income.

The compensation plan pays out using a True Unilevel pay process which pays 2 ways.
There are no qualifications required. Share with someone who uses the service and you are paid. When they share it, you are paid…  There are no hoops to jump through.

How The Bump Card Compensation Plan Works.

  1. First Order Bonus – Pays 6 levels down and is Paid Weekly!
  2. Residual Bonus – Pays 10 levels down and is Paid Once a Month!

Decide on a product package that best fits your needs as seen below:

First Order Bonus Comp

Next decide if you want to be a customer (2 options) or an Affiliate.

Bump Card Residual Bump Button

It doesn’t get any simpler than that! If you join as a customer or an affiliate, your $49.97 (+ $9.97 back office fees, affiliates only) include $50.00 every month of Restaurant .com cards. So realistically your cost is $9.97 a month.

5. Manage and Market Multiple Businesses With One-Click

You can create multiple pages within the system allowing you to market multiple businesses, offer coupons or weekly special, add slide shows, all with one-click.

If you take the time to view the demo video you will see how with one-click it is so easy to make changes,  drag and drop or to move images, add social media links and much more.

Bump editor


In the paper business card industry, roughly 88% of business cards handed out end up in the trash, are lost, or the information is never input into your contact or address book. In addition, people who use paper business cards correctly, on average spend $189.78 a year reordering them. A realtor told me today he spends $300 a month on paper business cards for his team.  OUCH!

With this new Bump Technology, your digital card is always up-to-date. Any changes you make, whether you move, update your website url etc., it’s always current.  As you can see, you can have this technology for a fraction of the cost of paper business cards which typically end up in the circular file.

Having the flexibility to create your online digital presence with your own vision and not being tied to some web designer who never returns your calls for minor updates, is a major plus!

The mere fact that you can earn some additional income just for sharing through their generous affiliate program is icing on the cake! Customers who are not interested in the referral program can even earn a FREE account, just for sharing the platform with others.

If you’d like more information on being a Bump customer or want to participate in the affiliate program, reach out to the person who shared this article with you or leave a comment below and Richard will contact you within 24 hours.

OR Simply Click HERE To Create Your Account!

Richard Petrillo

Richard Petrillo

Thanks for taking the time to learn how The Bump Card will boost your marketing. Feel free to leave me a comment below with your thoughts or questions.

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  • Richard Petrillo 09/02/2020,

    Hey Josh,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. Business is booming, it appears to be catching on better than expected. As for security risks, it’s no more risky than email or texting your website link to a potential customer. We’d love to have you give it a test run, feedback is always welcome.
    Thanks again,

  • Josh Hixon 08/13/2020,

    This is a really unique approach to networking. I am very curious to see if this catches on. I also wonder about security risks with being able to bump someones phone and get a website to come up. all very interesting but I am excited to see if this catches on.

  • Digital Rosogulla 07/24/2020,

    Greate idea and concept.
    Thanks for sharing the information.
    Digital Rosogulla recently posted..5 MAJOR BENEFITS OF DIGITAL MARKETINGMy Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 06/15/2020,

    Hi Lawrence,
    As of right now, customers are able to signup and use the software but cannot participate in the affiliate program. (yet!)

    We are looking for leaders around the globe who are interested in opening up new countries. If you join as a customer and share the platform, everyone you sign up will be connected to you. If you’ve shared with enough people and have $350 of group volume, your subscription would be Free at that point.

    Thailand is an area I am very interested in opening up. I’d be happy to help.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Lawrence Westfall 06/15/2020,

    Interesting concept but does it work in Thailand?

  • Richard Petrillo 05/27/2020,

    Glad it helped you Yasir. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Richard Petrillo 05/27/2020,

    I couldn’t agree more Case.
    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Richard Petrillo 05/27/2020,

    Thanks Vedang,
    It’s been an amazing marketing tool for so many people I know who want to control their digital presence and create a website on their own. Simplicity is the key, and the Bump Card marketing system is super simple to use.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Case Tracks 05/25/2020,

    I’m wondering why this took so long to be a thing. It seems so obvious and useful.

  • Yasir Utomo 05/25/2020,

    You gave us lots of information. Really help small business owner like me to manage marketing strategy more efficient. Thank so much.

  • Vedang Sawant 05/04/2020,

    Great marketing ideas and well explained how we can practically apply these ideas!!

  • zeeshan 04/25/2020,

    thanks for sharing this rich content. it really helped me boost my knowledge and will definitely boost my marketing.

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