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5 Steps To Increasing Your Network Marketing Productivity

Network Marketing In 24 Hours Or Less! A Lot Less…

Network Marketing

We all have the same 24 hours in a day! So I ask you, what are you doing with yours?

Are you setting goals, prioritizing them,sticking to your script so you can reach your objectives and dreams? Or are you floundering around haphazardly jumping from one thing to the next never completing a single task? (That was me in the beginning)

Network Marketing is a relationship building business!

If you are not out there everyday connecting with people then your business is going to suffer. That’s all there is to it!

We live in the age of Social Media, the Ultimate relationship building tool! It doesn’t matter if you have a blog or website of your own, (although it doesn’t hurt) because there are hundreds of social sites you can connect and meet new people with to create new warm market leads.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, BranchOut, Twitter, Yahoo Plus, FriendFeed, StumbleUpon, BetterNetworker, MeetUp Groups, Forums… The list is a mile long. The point is to get connected!

Here are 5 things you can do each and everyday that will change the direction of your Network Marketing Business.

Start by setting clear and daily goals and stick t them! Don’t move on to the next goal until you have completed your last.

1. Turn Off  The T.V.

Television is one of the biggest distractions known to man! Think about how many hours per week you are glued to the tube and cut it down by 75%. Local and National News included!

Nothing seems to fill the mind more with negative thoughts than watching the news channel. Unless of course you are hooked on “Reality T.V.” (Sorry, those are the absolute worst!) I won’t mention any by name but I am sure several come to mind. Most Personal Development coaches will tell you to turn off the T.V. entirely.

2. Personal Development and Visualization

Start by spending at least 15 minutes a day reading personal development books. Any of these would be a great place to start!

“Think and Grow Rich”, How to Win Friends and Influence People”, 5 Essential People Skills”, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “Reclaim Your Dreams” “The Four Day Work Week”, “Crush It”

Add to that 5 to 10 minutes of quiet time at some point throughout the day for Visualization. Clear your mind, close your eyes and visualize and make mental pictures of your goals and dreams. Cut out images from magazines and create your own visual-aid board. Take a few minutes everyday and stop what you are doing to reflect on the things you want, the way you see your ideal lifestyle. Sounds simple I know but how many of us actually take the time to do it?

3. Get Social!

Spend 20 minutes on Facebook or one of your favorite social media sites and search out people who are commenting on some of the Leaders walls. Engage in those conversations with some educated comments of your own and soon you will find people adding you to their friends list. Remember to keep it social at first. Building trust and the relationship is your number one priority! There is a right and wrong way to approach networking in the social arena. People hate to be sold so don’t hit them over the head with your Network Marketing opportunity at first. Keep it social!

4. Leave Comments

Start reading blog post within your niche and leave comments of value. Not just “Hey thanks for the great post” or,  ”You make a great point” etc. Add to the article things you have picked up along your journey, even if ti’s one small valuable tip regarding a point the author made, it will go a long way!

5. Pick Up The Phone & Go For No!

As heavy as that phone may seem at times, your Network Marketing business depends on you reaching out and calling prospects everyday! Go for no simply means that you need to talk with 20 people who tell you NO before you will get a YES. It has to do with the Law of Averages! There is Safety in Numbers and the law of averages says you will hear NO far more than you will hear YES!

Network Marketing is a numbers game and if you don’t have enough people to talk with on a daily basis, then building your Network Marketing business will be frustrating at best.

My Personal development training has been the #1 factor with increasing my network marketing productivity.

If you are serious about building your Network Marketing business online or offline, having a personal development plan is key to your success! So If you are still struggling in your network marketing business, maybe its time to look within…


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  • Richard Petrillo 12/26/2012,

    Hey Mario,
    Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by. I agree, making personal development a daily part of our routine IS life changing.
    Thanks again,


  • Mario Wilson 12/22/2012,

    Great points as always Richard! I especially like the personal development one. Read 10 pages a day has changed my life!

    • Richard Petrillo 12/26/2012,

      Hey Mario,
      Thanks man for stopping by. Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family had a Blessed day!
      What have you been up to? Keeping busy I’m sure…
      How come you didn’t list your site and take advantage of the commentluv link?
      I wish you all the best for the upcoming year Mario!
      Thanks again,

  • Richard Petrillo 08/23/2012,

    Thanks Steven!
    Great analogy! Yes just surfing it is…


  • Steven 08/21/2012,

    Great article. People have to get out there and engage with other people, whether it be online through social media, on the phone or in person. It certainly doesn’t work to simply be online without any interaction – that’s just surfing!

  • Richard Petrillo 08/12/2012,

    Thanks Pam,
    I would be interested in knowing how things work out!


  • Pam 08/11/2012,

    Look forward to adding this tool to my toolbox

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