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What Is Social Networking Coming To? It’s All About The Social Vote!

social signal

Your “Vote” does count, more than ever these days. The Social Vote, or Social Signal as it has come to be known, is quickly replacing the backlink…

If you’re a network marketer trying to get your internet marketing business off the ground, or a seasoned veteran, the “Social Vote” is changing the landscape and you must know about these changes…

Times are changing, and if there is one thing you can count on, other than taxes and death, it’s Google’s quest to put forth the most original and valuable content first.

When the Google Panda Update hit in 2011, 12% to 15% of the websites online were affected and thousands of sites reported their sites and backlinks had been de-indexed.

Google’s reasoning was to minimize backlink spamming. I’m not saying that backlinking isn’t going to be a consideration going forward, it just won’t carry the weight it once did.

High Quality PR (page rank) rated sites will still be smiled upon by Google. It’s the not so ethical methods of gaining low quality backlinks that is dying. Many popular link building services have closed their doors since the Panda Update took effect.

The days of creating several Social networking accounts under different names, or fake accounts, with sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. to give yourself extra link juice isn’t going to hold water anymore.

Apparently the benefits of social sharing will be judged by the authority of users, and how active they are in sharing. The more influence those users have, the more weight their share will carry.  So it will do little good to create fake accounts and only share every now and again.

Google, Bing and other search engines are all looking at the “Social Vote”.

Social bookmarking cannot be ignored by the search engines these days because real humans are reading it, determining it’s value, and taking the time to let the world know what they think.

It’s increasingly more important for your content to be shared on sites like, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Google+, Facebook, Twitter Re-Tweets, etc. by authoritative sites.

Something else to consider if you’ve been holding out is creating a Google+ account.

Google loves all things Google and tends to place more weight on them. YouTube is a perfect example. I suggest opening an account and start placing the Google+ button on your site so people can share your content that way.social vote

There is even an Apple App you can download for your mobile device so you can keep connected while on the go.

I’ve posted a previous article titled, The Google Social Networking Site, Are You In?

While were at it, and to impress upon you the importance of the “Social Vote/Social Signal”, take a look at Google’s next move.

Author information or Authorship Markup which can be found in the WebMaster Tools section on Google’s site.

Another one of Google’s biggest challenges has been determining who wrote what first… Original content if you will. Authorship markup is going to make it much easier for Google to deal with duplicate content, something they despise.

“Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content.”

social vote

If you want your authorship info to appear in the search results as above for the content you create, you’ll need to create that Google+ profile I mentioned earlier. Along with that you will need a widget on your site of the Google+ logo which links back to your Google+ profile.

In addition, make sure your web domain is listed in your  g+profile and the final step that Joe Shaw alerted me to is… Be sure and make your Google+ Circles public. Google needs to see everything linking back to a real person.

Here’s the blow by blow process of linking your content to your Google+ profile and with any luck, getting your authorship info to appear in the search result.  I say luck because Google doesn’t guarantee this info will show up.  I linked my info yesterday, and 24 hours later it’s still doesn’t appear.

Google Plus won’t be alone in implementing Author Markup or Author Reputation either. Soon author reputation will show up on Twitter and Facebook as well. There are other websites like Klout and PeerIndex that have been around and measuring the social influence for a while.

In closing:

To stay ahead of the new backlinking trend you can see the importance of the Social Signal. In order to do just that, I suggest you zero in on creating quality content, make sure your site is optimized for the user experience – meaning your site isn’t loaded with ads and other junk all over the place, and be aware of your websites load time. Google really hates websites that load slowly, just as you and I do.

Don’t forget to make Google aware of your authorship markup so they know you are the owner and author of that original content.

I’ve read that even Pinterest and “Pins” will have an effect on your social standing so get out there and get connected to as many social networking sites as possible because down the road, the social vote will replace the backlink.

My Call To Action today is simple.

If you found value in this post, and I hope you did… Please take a moment and place your Vote. It will do us both good. 🙂    social vote

Effective leadership skills, Richard Petrillo

Richard Petrillo,
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  • Richard Petrillo 03/13/2013,

    Hey Mario,

    Thanks man! I appreciate you stopping by. I agree, social media, especially Google Plus, (since google, loves google) is a great place to build a following.

    See you there my friend!

  • Mario Wilson 03/13/2013,

    You hit a home run here as always Richard. Being active in social media is being rewarded more and more by Google. I’ll catch you on Google Plus!

  • Richard Petrillo 02/13/2013,

    Hello Laurentians,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s great to have you here.
    I found this that looks interesting. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for.

    Take good care,

  • Seccus 02/11/2013,

    Hi Richard from the Laurentians in Quebec (Canada).
    I have read your post with pleasure. I wonder if you have a tool to recommend for the metrics of social signs as it is available for traditional backlinks (ex: Majestic SEO)?
    Merci beaucoup!
    Thank you very much!

  • Richard Petrillo 02/09/2013,

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for leaving a comment Angela. I agree, it is important to have a backup site to host your videos. YouTube has been known to close down accounts. I’m a big fan of Vimeo, mostly because they have such a clean interface. I use their site when creating videos for capture pages, this way there is no logo showing and there is more control.

    Pinterest is awesome and a very valuable tool for marketing. I did an article here on Pinterest with a few interesting tips I learned from a recent training.
    It’s a great place for recipe ideas too. 😉

    Thanks again!

  • Angela 02/08/2013,

    Thanks for sharing…Awesome post! It’s also good to add your videos to other video sites. Just in case your video gets taken down from YouTube. Pingler and Squidoo is another way to market your business.
    I love Pinterest. When I first started to use it, I thought it was a silly site. Then I got familiar and understood how to use it now I think it’s an awesome site.

  • Richard Petrillo 06/04/2012,

    Hey Sarah,
    I would have to agree. I’m all for a better consumer experience.

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..5 Biggest Obstacles to Overcome in Your Internet Marketing Business!My Profile

  • Sarah Harris 06/03/2012,

    Thanks so much for the invaluable information! In a way I am actually very happy that Panda did what it did, as most of the backlinks that SEO companies were creating were just crap. It should be about the content and the consumer’s vote!!!

  • Richard Petrillo 05/01/2012,

    Hi Charles,
    Keeping up with all the social networks can be a full time job. lol I’ve found it best to stick with the main ones. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.
    Most have Apps for smart phones and I keep in touch throughout the day that way. Google just sent me an email yesterday on some of the changes taking place. I have not had a chance to go through it all yet but plan on doing so soon. http://www.google.com/analytics/features/social.html

    It’s all part of the new Google Analytics tracking so you can see they are very serious about the Social Vote.

    Thanks for your comment, hope to see you here again soon,

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..LeadSkimmer – A Secret Weapon To Generating Quality MLM Leads?My Profile

  • Charles Brewer 04/29/2012,


    Is there a practical way to keep up with the bulk of Social Media sites, or is it best only to concentrate
    on the well-known outlets (including Google+) ?

    Thanks for your insights!


  • Richard Petrillo 04/23/2012,

    Thanks Joe,

    I appreciate you leaving a comment! From what I’ve been reading, Pinterest is already starting to play a role in the Social Voting game.

    More to come on that later.

  • Joseph B. Shaw 04/23/2012,

    Great Article Richard!

    I don’t much about pinterest yet, but I can tell you by experience that links from social media help me get my pages ranked in Google.

    Thanks for all the great info on Social Voting and Social Signals!


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