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What Does A MLM Business and Polaroid Have In Common?

A MLM Business

So What do Polaroids and a MLM business have to do with one another?

Many of you probably don’t know that I was an advertising photographer for the last 30 years. I came across this video today that got me thinking about Polaroids, and a MLM Business…

In a MLM Business, going for NO is really what it’s all about. You have to talk with enough people every day and go through those NO’s, just to get a YES!

Well, back in the day when we used to shoot “Film & Polaroids”…(What the heck are film and polaroids.)  lol.  We used to give the art directors a hard time and it was a running joke in the studio about the amount of Polaroids we’d shoot for just one shot.

The saying was, “Well the right Polaroids in this box someplace”

The typical scenario was… I was given a layout prior to the shoot and it was my job to bring that illustration to life on a piece of film. The final shot usually had to follow the layout to the T.

The crew and I would work diligently setting up and tweaking the lighting etc. and then shoot a Polaroid to check everything before exposing film. Naturally the art director would look at the first Polaroid (which looked exactly like the layout) and would want to move something, be it the product or change the lighting a bit.

Another Polaroid was taken and the AD would make yet another change. I can hear them now, and they all would say the exact same thing… “Let’s try this and see.”

After about 2 hours of moving the light here and there, (you know, just to see) we would always end right back up were we started… At the very first Polaroid!

The “Right Polaroid” was in the box, often times it was the very first one, not always, but… We had to go through the steps to find “That Right Polaroid”!

So a MLM business and going for NO is very much like the Polaroid.

Your “Yes” is in that box, so to speak. You just have to be out there each and everyday talking, inviting, and digging through the box of Polaroids to find that YES!

Far too many people get into a MLM business with the thought of getting rich quick. Network Marketing and a MLM business aren’t going to make anyone rich quick!

The fear of rejection and that nasty little 2 letter word, N.O. is what keeps 90% of the people starting a MLM business from being successful.

If you are serious about building a business than you must get past hearing NO and understand that in your box of Polaroids somewhere, there is a YES waiting. A MLM Business

It’s up to you to go out and find it! If NO is keeping you from talking to people about your MLM business, then your are seriously setting yourself up for failure.

If your upline hasn’t been exactly helpful in showing you how to “Find Your Polaroid” and your are looking for a way to get past that dirty little 2 letter word, let’s connect.

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  • Richard Petrillo 05/02/2011,

    I don’t know if I always nailed it on the first Polaroid, but thanks Kathy! You make a great point that it usually takes 6 or more exposures to reach a Yes.
    And true, we used to toss out hundreds of images in the editing process to end up with “THE ONE”.

    But in Network Marketing, letting 95% of our prospects slip by without having a way to help solve their problems can be costly, and it’s never good to leave money on the table. I did an article a while back that talks about how to capture a percentage of the NO’s, and turn them into a YES. http://workwithrichardp.com/affiliate-programs-learn-to-advertise-for-free-dont-believe-it-affiliate-this-on-for-size/

    Thanks for your insight and comment!

  • Kathy G 05/01/2011,

    From an Art Director turned Network Marketer…

    Oh, I remember those days of the ol’ Poloroid. If my memory serves me, you always landed it on that first Poloroid!

    There are times in network marketing when a new customer or distributor says YES after just one exposure, and when this happens it is loads of fun. However, it usually takes 6 or more exposures to reach the YES….just like the Poloraoid game! I remember the rolls of shots taken just to get that one perfect shot that was selected for publishing. We expected to let all of those other shots go, and we knew that they didn’t matter. What mattered was that ONE shot that made it all worth it. I find that to be true in network marketing as well. After all of the NO’s, a real YES is SO worth it! A real YES can be life altering. This is that AH-HA moment when we know we got the shot :)

    Thanks for the fun post!

  • Richard Petrillo 04/29/2011,

    Hey Ro,
    You’ve got that down right! Helping others will always attract new peeps to you and your biz. Thanks for the comment.

    LOVE the headline of your new post! Is that the truth or what?


  • Roshanda Gilmore 04/29/2011,

    I LOVE the analogy Richard!

    In the networking business you are looking for those looking for you. There are so many people who need a shot at being great. I find the easiest way to build my business is through relationships. I make friends and help others and this attracts people to my biz. A win win for everyone!

    Loved the read!
    Roshanda Gilmore recently posted..Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired In Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

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