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Using A QR Code Generator For Offline Advertising

What exactly is a QR Code and How Do I use a QR Code Generator for Offline Advertising?

QR Code Generator For Offline Advertising

You are probably starting to see these funny looking codes pop up in all kinds of places these days.

QR codes are quickly becoming more and more popular in magazines, store window displays, billboard advertising and a variety of other places.

QR Code Generator For Offline Advertising

These codes have been used for years in Japan and other places across the globe and are fast becoming a hot ticket here in the U.S.

A QR code generator allows you to turn all kinds of information into code such as Contact Info, SMS Text, a simple URL or even Plain Text as shown below.

QR Code Generator For Offline Advertising

QR Code Generator for Offline Advertising

QR Code Generator for Offline Advertising

Using A QR Code Generator For Offline Advertising gives your audience a fast and easy way to to access whatever information you decide to send them.

By using the camera in just about any cell phone, and simple software or an app, you can scan the QR code and it will quickly take you to a website for instance, if the  URL code generator was used.

QR codes are perfect for offline advertising on business cards or flyers because it gives the user a way to get to your website without having to type in a URL. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone and bingo, the website is displayed on your phone.  It’s a great way to store info for later too!

Major department stores are starting to use the QR code generator for offline advertising in window displays, allowing the consumer to window shop after-hours.

If you’re interested in learning more about using a QR code generator for offline advertising and how it can impact your business, or even generating your own QR Code for Free, Click Here:

If you are currently using a QR code generator for offline advertising I would love to hear how it’s working.

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  • François 07/22/2013,

    Hi Richard,

    QR codes can be a powerful tool that can be used in creative marketing campaigns. But theses campaigns are not “offline” : QR code is actually a link to a digital support.

    Today, QR codes are well known, ans there use has become usual. The next step is the developpment of NFC technologies.


    (Sorry for my poor English)

  • Richard Petrillo 06/13/2012,

    Thanks Donald,

    QR Codes have become more accepted in since the original writing of this article. They are starting to pop up everywhere. The best application in my mind is the back of a business card. It’s so much faster and easier for a potential customer to just scan the QR code to be taken to your company website.

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Mobius Loop Review – Where Network Marketing Goes Beyond Network MarketingMy Profile

  • DONALD UKPONU 06/13/2012,

    I think QR-Codes is good for business advertising offline. I will recommend this topic to business associates and friends.Donald

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