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Purchasing Network Marketing Leads is a dead end and waste of money.

And chances are good that instant gratification will be slim to none.  Half the time you are buying a list of names that are outdated, directed to the wrong market, or just filled with wishy washy people not knowing what they want to be when they grow up…  If you’ve bought network marketing leads in the past and called all those people, you know exactly what I am talking about.

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Opt-InCreating Opt-In forms
Auto Responders are key to building your list

How many times have you heard…
“The Money Is In The List”? As true a statement as that is, how do you effectively manage everyone on your list?  Sure, you may just be starting off and only have a list of 10 people, but what about down the road when you have hundreds, even thousands of subscribers… How are you going to communicate with them all effectively? Enter Aweber or Get Response.

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Learn how to make your own Avatar! It’s simple, and everyone should have One! – Video

make your own avatar

Have you ever been surfing the web, checking out different blogs, looking for training or ideas and come across an article that was so useful, you just had to leave a comment to the author?   Have you seen that little icon next to the comment of someone’s picture, or some crazy graphic, and wondered how it got there?  Well, it’s called an Avatar and they are a great way for you to leave your mark all over the web, and for a good reason too!

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Without an Affiliate program you could be leaving a whole lot of money on the table when it comes to your primary business.

I thought I would show you how you can generate extra income outside of your primary business and it’s called, Affiliate Marketing. Here is how it works.

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twitter followers

I discovered what I think to be a pretty cool way to gain free  twitter followers today, totally by accident.

Ok I’m going to come clean on this one!  I am a newbie to Twitter. Yep, haven’t been tweetin long, a week at best. (as of this post).
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Choosing an MLM company is much like choosing a mate.

You want to be sure it will be lifelong and not just another short lived disastrous relationship.  Both can cause undo stress in your life and send you to the poor house!

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Google Slaps The New Arizona Immigration Law

google slap

Google Slap! – The New Arizona Immigration Law Slapped Hard!

Without getting all political here, doesn’t  it seem a bit crazy how our government can sue the state of Arizona for trying to implement a law that the Federal Government won’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for “legal” immigrants in this great country of ours. Heck, thats how it all started!  I just feel for the millions of people waiting years to become citizens (the Legal way) it seems like a SLAP in the face!  Speaking of getting Slapped…

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mlm leads

Lack of MLM Leads? There’s An App For That!

Why Not?  There’s an App for just about everything else anybody could think of!  What if there were an App that could help produce MLM leads, train your downline and create duplication?  How cool would that be!  Well guess what…

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mlm prospecting

MLM Prospecting Tips – The Good Ones Are Hard to Come By…


I am always looking for a less Salesy approach when talking with a new prospect about a home based business. We are bombarded daily with “The Pitch.”  Day in and day out it’s:  Buy this Super Duper Life Saving Drink, or that Mysteriously Magical Weight Loss Program, Hair Products, MP3 Players, Cars, Toothpaste, you name it. Advertisers are constantly shoving things down our throats!  Nobody likes being sold!  Here are a few great mlm prospecting tips to use when prospecting face to face. It’s like selling  without the selling.

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network marketing

Has your network marketing buddy told you he has a Silver Bullet?



You should come join my team, we’re going to make a million bucks and you won’t have to do anything!  Hmm, I’m not really sure where it all got started but, somewhere along the line the myth of, “just sign up two people and it will build itself” was born.  Thats like me telling you to just fill up your tank once and it will run forever, you will never have to buy gasoline again!

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network marketing business

These 7 Steps Will Get Your Network Marketing Business going in the right direction.

Oh and by the way, Homer didn’t really spell out these 7 steps, but they are essential to your mindset and will steer you towards the path of success in your Network Marketing Business!

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