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MLM ProspectingThere is a lot out there regarding

MLM Prospecting and Leads….

Lead Generation this, Buying your Own Leads that, Organic Leads, etc. etc.

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Mike Dillard's EVG

What you need to know about Mike Dillard’s EVG – The Elevation Group!


Mike Dillard is known in the online marketing world as the “Pioneer of Attraction Marketing.”  He may not have invented it, but he sure did break it all down nicely and package it so the rest of us can understand it, and probably better than anyone else.

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Staying focused is the number one way to sponsor more people into your MLM company

Sponsor More People Into Your MLM Company

Distractions come at you from every direction. As a network marketer there are only two ways to generate income.

Building relationships, and inviting/prospecting.

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long tail keywords

How to choose Long Tail Keywords

Good Keyword research is paramount in landing you on the first page of a Google Search.

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You Are What You Project! you-are-what -you -project

How many times have you heard,  you are what you eat!  Makes sense right?

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How To Set Up Forwarding and Masking Your Domain

forwarding and masking your domain


When you purchase a domain name through GoDaddy they give you the ability to create up to 90 Subdomains of your original.

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grow your twitter list to thousandsIt is Possible to Grow Your Twitter List To Thousands In Just A Few Months?

Social Networking is all the rage these days. FaceBook has 800 million users and is rated the # 2 Top site of all website on the web today according to Alexa.com. Google holds the #1 spot.   [click to continue…]


 Why People Fail in Network Marketing!

why people fail in network marketing

What’s that saying? You know, you hear it all the time!  97% of the people FAIL in Network Marketing.


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Top 5 SEO Mistakes – That Made Me Go Bald!

Top SEO Mistakes

How these five SEO mistakes can drastically reduce your page rankings and cause your hair to fall out.

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The Importance Of Having A BusinesMentor!Business Mentor

Have you been struggling in your network marketing business and feeling all alone?

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Video Marketing For NewbiesVideo Marketing For Newbies, You really should consider it.

If you are new to Network Marketing and especially new to video marketing for your MLM business, this video will give you a few tips on how to easily, crop, edit and publish your videos to YouTube using iMovie 09.

But before you check out the video, lets look at the 5 main reasons why Video Marketing will increase your rankings.

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Internet Marketing Secrets

Internet Marketing Secrets Day 2 Live The Dream!

Day 2 was equally as powerful as day 1 at the Live The Dream Event. Brian, Norbert, and Todd really know how to put together an action packed conference.  Ten hour days of non-stop value and internet marketing secrets.   [click to continue…]


Live The Dream Event – What You Missed Out On!

Live The Dream Event – Day 1

My head is still spinning from this past weekends Live The Dream.

It’s the morning after the 2 day Live The Dream Event hosted by My Lead System Pro, and it was Awesome!  Live The Dream

As if being in the same room with legends like Mike Dillard, Cedrick Harris, Nicole Cooper, David Wood and the others wasn’t a big enough deal. I had the opportunity to grab pic’s with some of them and hang out in a more intimate setting in the breakout sessions.  This is where smaller groups could drill the pros for their most valuable secrets.   [click to continue…]


Simple SEO Tips & Plugin For Your WordPress Blog with Video.

Simple SEO

Trying to figure out SEO, especially if you are new to blogging, WordPress, or a new business owner putting together a website can be daunting.

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Brilliant Lead Generation Strategy- Courtesy of Junk Mail

Sure, you could say I’m a bit obsessed with learning the tricks of the trade, and for good reason.  The more I read and study from successful giants like, Cedrick Harris, Larry Beacham (“The Stone Cold Millionaire”), Mike Dillard, Ray Higdon and others.  The faster my lead generation strategy kicks in. Lead Generation Strategy

If I hadn’t spent a few bucks on Larry’s ebook – I would have missed this Huge Nugget on a Brilliant Lead Generation Strategy Courtesy of Larry Beacham & Cedrick Harris…

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network marketing

The Old School Network Marketing methods are dead and don’t work anyway! Hmm…

Really? Nowadays that is what a lot of people want you to believe.

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