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More Internet Marketing Secrets – Live the Dream- Day 2

Internet Marketing Secrets

Internet Marketing Secrets Day 2 Live The Dream!

Day 2 was equally as powerful as day 1 at the Live The Dream Event. Brian, Norbert, and Todd really know how to put together an action packed conference.  Ten hour days of non-stop value and internet marketing secrets.  

Jerry Clark’s – Internet Marketing Secrets

Here is another speaker I knew very little about but Jerry was awesome!

By the end of his speech, he was labeled by Todd Falcone as the man with the million dollar laugh.  It was loud, high pitched and infectious.  Jerry may have kept us all in stitches as he spoke, but his message was strong and not to be missed.

He asked us the question: How would you feel or be if you had $20 million?  We had to write down all the traits.  Maybe you’d be less stressed, excited, happy, more generous, successful, etc.  Does the money make you feel that way?

He pointed out that we need to BE those things first! Start acting and being those traits now.  You don’t need $20 million to be excited, or happy etc.  Thoughts are Things! People put way too much energy into things they don’t really want.  IF your beliefs always revolve around being broke then guess what… You’ll stay broke.

Jerry also pointed out that “personal breakthroughs occur when there is an alteration in beliefs… but most people never question their beliefs so breakthroughs are rare”

He made a point of saying it twice, giving us time to write it down.

How many of your team members could use to alter their beliefs? The trick here is to get them to alter their beliefs without them knowing you are doing it. This will be the key to them being successful.  Jerry said once he got that concept, that is what allowed him to became a millionaire.  Mastering the “Internal Communication” as Jerry put it.

Jerry’s take away:

Technical knowledge is NOT enough.  If we can get ourselves and others to engage and master the internal communication, that will allow us to learn and do the technical know how. So it’s just as important to master the, what we put into our thoughts, to gain the things we want.  To learn more about Jerry Clark visit: www.clubrhino.com

Tracey Walker’sInternet Marketing Secrets

Tracey blew out of the gate with:  ACT, AS, IF… She didn’t say, fake it until you make it, but to act, as, if.  Her analogy paralleled basketball. Do you think that when Michael Jordan was growing up he, ACTED, AS, IF he was already the #1 guy in the NBA?  You know, as kids, everything is possible but as adults we start putting all kinds of restrictions on ourselves.

Do you want to become a leader? Then ACT, AS, IF.  How would you act if you had 50,000 people on your list?  What kind of system would you put together for your team?  ACT, AS, IF… So what if you only have a small number on your team or list. Treat it as you already have it.

Tracey went on to talk about the 3 fundamental parts of basketball.

Dribble, Pass & Shoot.  You need to practice all 3 fundamentals.

She equated this with NOT focusing on other people’s success.  Focus on what will improve YOU!  Do what is necessary to get your business down the court, closer to the basket so you can take the shot!  Personal development is key and will help you to communicate with your prospects and team.

Go out there and be the star! Interact with your team, provide value, help them build, do three way calls.  This business is best built through team efforts. Practice on being the leader of the team.

Practice your shooting, take the long shot.  Such as going for NO each and every day when you prospect. Make it a point to talk and prospect with people everyday.   Michael Jordan didn’t become a superstar sitting around wishing and reading about basketball.  He was out on the court everyday, practicing his craft.  You need to be doing the same. Thinking and Doing are completely different beasts.  Doing will take you where you want to go!

Cedrick Harris – Internet Marketing Secrets

Cedrick is a great speaker!  He spent most of his time telling his story, starting from birth…  lol.  No really, he did, as only Cedrick Harris can do. He is known as the closer and started off by explaining how he closed his mom while still in the womb.  He wanted out early, 2 or 3 weeks early he said. I guess he got what he wanted.  Pretty funny story.

It’s great to listen to all the stories of where people started, the trials and tribulations and the steps taken to achieved the success they now enjoy.

I had no idea that Cedrick made his first million in real estate.  He incorporated his closing skills (from childhood) and his real estate business, into network marketing.  And if you don’t think this is a people business, all about sales and closing the deal, then you are going to have a tough time making any real money here.

The key is to sell without selling, create the curiosity, interest, and to have posture.  Let your prospects know that you are going to build your business, with or without them.  When done correctly, you will have them closing themselves.

Cedrick’s take away:

Never ask a prospect what they “think” after you show them your presentation.  It makes them have to think and forces them to go into the logical side of their brain.  People FEEL! They make decisions based on emotions and how they feel, not what they think.  Final nugget… Cedrick says, “Average is defined as the highest degree of poor”!  Wow… So, who wants to be average?  Not me!

Daegan Smith’s – Internet Marketing Secrets

Mr. PPC & Paid Advertising

Daegan is all about Affiliate Marketing which is a bit different than Network Marketing.  But make no mistake, what Daegan teaches about paid advertising, tracking, conversion numbers, conversions to sales etc. is in direct correlation when it comes to advertising your network marketing business.

Daegan is known for his ability to generate as many as 2,673 leads in a single day!  Now that’s powerful. Many of us are not in a position to take on a strong PPC or paid advertising campaign just yet. Rest assured, when the time is right, Mr. Smith will hear me knocking at his door.

The man is brilliant and if you want to jump start your PPC and paid advertising campaigns, visit him at: http://daegansmith.com. His website will introduce you to all the secrets of Google’s Adwords, and what you must do to please the Google Gods.

David Wood’s – Internet Marketing Secrets

David was the final speaker and has quite a story himself.  Living out of a van in Hawaii, David tells the story of the night that made him sit up and take action.

He and his lovely wife were sleeping in their van, which is not allowed in the parks and beaches in a lot of cities.  Awaken to a loud knock on the window by a police officer, David is written a ticket for sleeping on the beach after 10 pm. The $35.00 fine just happens to be exactly what he has left to his name.

Realizing something has to change, David makes the decision right then and there.  I bolded decision because that is the number one thing so many of these masters teach. Make a decision, take action, be consistent and stick with it.

David had NO internet marketing secrets or skills, NO advertising budget and a $200.00 outdated computer to work with. Within 90 days David had his first week where he made over $25,000 in less than 7 days.  He is the number 1 affiliate marketer with My Lead System Pro.  David really knows how to Live The Dream!  He lives in Costa Rica, pretty secluded from the rest of the world. If David can produce these kinds of numbers, just think what you can do, once you decide to take action!

How did he do it?

David is a master at Article and Video Marketing, both of which will cost you next to nothing to produce.  If you will make the time to learn these skills, you will get results.

A couple of important points that David Wood teaches when working on and offline.

Offline Marketing (warm and cold market)

1. Relationships 1st

2. Business 2nd

Build a relationship, don’t cram your business opportunity down everyones throat!

Online Marketing (social networking, video and article marketing etc.)

1. Value 1st

2. Promotion 2nd

If you hate doing video’s, then don’t do them.  Find what resonates with you and attack it head on.  If you are doing what you love, you will be good at it and succeed.

David says there is no way possible, if you do what is listed below, everyday for a year, it will be impossible to fail.  By making the decision, taking action and doing a little each day, this is what leads to success.

David’s take aways:

~ Learn

~ Do


Learn how to create good content, take action, “DO” the creating. Teach others these same simple steps.

Write an article and do a video everyday, keep pumping out the valuable content.

Every 30 to 60 days do a mass promotion, with some incentive and offer that you can blast to your list.

Once a week provide and DO a training along with a business presentation.

Attend trainings yourself via webinars. There are tons available online.

Start 3 new relationships on Facebook everyday!
How’s that for some great internet marketing secrets?

So there you have it, a glimpse of the two day, Live The Dream event that you may have missed.  Two very long days that just seemed to fly by. It was an amazing experience and I am grateful for having the opportunity to be there, and for all the new friendships created.

I can honestly say I’m sad it has ended.

On the flip side, it’s time to take action and get back to prospecting and other income producing activities.  :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my breakdown of the Live The Dream Event.  If so, please tell your friends about these internet marketing secrets, and leave me a comment below.

Thanks for visiting my site!
Richard Petrillo

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Larry Beacham

Ray Higdon

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  • Richard Petrillo 10/15/2010,

    Hi James,
    It was an awesome event! You are so right. Mindset! You HAVE to believe.
    Without belief and knowing your “Why”, it will be difficult to succeed.
    Thanks James

  • James Cordes 10/14/2010,

    Hey Richard, sounds like an awesome event! I can really relate the the comment that you have to think rich before you can become rich. Mindset is such an important part of success, that’s the reason your why is also so important. If you visualize what you are going to become, you will become that person :-)
    James Cordes recently posted..How to quickly build your brand- business and income!My Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 10/09/2010,

    Thanks Kareem,
    Great video and message. You Gotta Believe! Love the www DOT…

    Have a great weekend!

  • Kareem Williams 10/09/2010,

    Its so funny because I just did a post on Internet Marketing Secrets, You gotta go check that out bro. Its a Video but i love what you have going on here and i look forward to coming back and reading more.

  • Richard Petrillo 10/09/2010,

    Hey Becky,
    You’re welcome, glad that I could pass this along.

    One of the best pieces of advice I took away from almost every speaker was, and this can’t be stressed enough. We can’t loose sight of what pays the bills.
    All of this great info about marketing on the online is wonderful and useful. But at the end of the day, it’s the income producing activities that count.

    So for all of us, we can’t be side-tracked, we must continue to prospect daily and build personal relationships!

    Thanks for stopping by Becky,

  • Becky Johnson 10/09/2010,

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for giving me the insight to all these wonderful teachers, what you took from that event. Every little drop of wisdom can help fill my bucket.
    Becky Johnson

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