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Live The Dream Event – What You Missed Out On!

Live The Dream Event – Day 1

My head is still spinning from this past weekends Live The Dream.

It’s the morning after the 2 day Live The Dream Event hosted by My Lead System Pro, and it was Awesome!  Live The Dream

As if being in the same room with legends like Mike Dillard, Cedrick Harris, Nicole Cooper, David Wood and the others wasn’t a big enough deal. I had the opportunity to grab pic’s with some of them and hang out in a more intimate setting in the breakout sessions.  This is where smaller groups could drill the pros for their most valuable secrets.  

Cedrick Harris

Here is a short breakdown of how the weekend went.  All I can say is, IF you ever get the opportunity to attend a event like this, do whatever it takes in order to get there.  The information will be invaluable to your Network Marketing business.  They are already planning a Live The Dream 2 Event – Don’t miss it!

Live The Dream – Day 1

Todd Falcone

Todd kicked off the Live the Dream Event and he is the Prospecting Guru of all time.

Todd really laid it out as to why prospecting is the most important activity and the only thing that directly leads to generating income. Sure we all want good looking blogs and to spend time learning and reading how to best set up SEO, PPC (pay per click advertising) etc.  But all that stuff isn’t going to pay the electric bill or mortgage now is it?

Todd’s big take away: Mindset + Skill Set coupled with Action = The Big Paycheck!

Make the decision to commit, take action, work on your skill set and stay consistent.

AND… Prospect, Prospect, Prospect!

For me, Todd’s best tip was the question we all get asked…  Is this a Pyramid?

His answer…  No why, is that what you are looking for?  LOL, gotta love Mr. Falcone. Todd has series of great prospecting trainings on CD.  If like most, you have a fear of the phone, you should really pick up Todd’s Little Black Book of Scripts.  It will change the way you look at prospecting and give you the confidence needed to close the sale.

Nicole Cooper

Wow –  Beauty & Brains!  Nicole is all about Branding, Selling YOU, and Sponsoring UP!  Finding the right people to work with.


20% Vision / Belief

20% Education

20% Networking

20% Marketing

Nicole touched on several big points that we will get into in a second but she said one thing that really stuck out.  The truly successful people in this business figure things out on their own. You don’t have to hit up your upline with every little question that filters through your brain…  Somebody recently asked me a question that a simple Google search would have answered. (goes back to finding the right people to work with)

Nicole also covered Social Media, how to attract people and what NOT to do.  Like shoving your business opportunity down everyone’s throat on Facebook.  Instead talk about the benefits of owning your own business, the lifestyle it creates, spending more time with your family and friends, etc. Create a relationship and provide value for people, that is how to build a following on the Social Networks.  They’re called SOCIAL for a reason.

Nicole also said, and I quote.  “Dress the part you want, NOT the part you live in”

“He who invests in himself and learns… WINS”  Very powerful advice.

MJ Durkin – Author & Self Publisher

I was not familiar with Mr. Durkin until this weekend.  (I must have been living under a rock)

He was one of the more dynamic speakers (if that’s even possible with this lineup).

MJ’s gig is all about creating and publishing books and how it can give you a ton of credibility.  Even if the book isn’t very good, its an incredible effective prospecting tool and you will be perceived as an expert.

Imagine being able to say to a prospect that you will send them a copy of your book?  Or better yet, handing them one as a leave behind.   Powerful!

It puts you in a very unique position.  Of the 309 million people living in the U.S. there are only about 240,000 published authors.  How’s that for credibility?

Not only is this a great prospecting tool, but it gives you a product to sell in a funded proposal down the road.  He also offered up tips about getting an ISBN number, copyright cost, printing costs etc. Total cost to produce a book, depending on size, will run about $3530.00 and doing a digital version, (ebook) will be less.

I wasn’t aware of things like, a hit book only has to sell 200,000 copies in order to be considered a “hit”.  35,000 words is all it takes be considered a book.  Well, maybe “all it takes” is an understatement, but I always was under the impression that a book consisted of many more words than that.

I can imagine that there are times when writing 17,000 words would feel like you were writing War and Peace. (I don’t even want to know the word count on that one)

Mr. Durkin also covered things like…

1. Developing your personal brand

2. Focusing on a specific area

3. Identify your prospects problems

4. Providing unique solutions

I will say, writing a book has never been high on my list, but after spending some time with MJ Durkin that has all changed.  When the time arises, he will be the first person I contact regarding my book project.  Just Google MJ Durkin, I think you will be surprised at how much info is out there on him.  He has several products for sale that will help you in your network marketing business.

The Legend – Mr. Mike Dillard  was next.

Mike Dillard

What a treat.  If you are new network marketing and don’t know who Mike Dillard is then you owe it to yourself and your business to learn more.  Mr. Dillard is single handedly responsible for putting the Attraction… into Attracting Marketing.  He pioneered network marketing with Magnetic Sponsoring and it is the best $39.00 you will ever spend to educate yourself in this business.

This was a very different set up because instead of it just being Mike on stage, they formed a panel with Ray Higdon, Mia Davies, Lawrence Tam, Jim Chao and Josh Traboulsee in a very informal setting.  Everyone was seated as they grilled Mike with questions.

This was pretty special for all of us in the audience because we got to see and hear from some other big name leaders that were not scheduled to speak.  Bonus!

I can just imagine how thrilled they all were to be on stage asking Mike Dillard questions. Ray Higdon said later that Mike had no idea what they were going to ask.

Of all the questions asked, I think Mia’s question brought to light the most surprising answer, especially from the KING of online marketing.

Question: Where is the balance between doing home meetings, warm market and offline stuff vs. all online marketing?

Mike’s answer revolved around where the biggest opportunities are in todays market. The Baby Boomers he said.  Mike explained that MOST baby boomers wanted little or nothing to do with marketing online.  I think Mike made reference to his parents , they would rather shoot themselves than learn PPC and SEO.

He did say for the last year or so, he and his team have been working on creating OFFLINE strategies for building a network marketing business.  WOW, this coming from the King of online marketing.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us all with this training.

Mike also talked about picking a skill set, something almost all of the leaders will tell you.  (probably because Mike said it first)  But he said to start with one skill set and master it… That is what will make you successful.  Each of the several strategies that Mike teaches has its place and will create massive income.  IF you just pick one and stick to it.

Mike also advises to never quit your job unless you are replacing your income for at least 6 months.  Make sure the money you are making is from your skill set, and not just luck from sponsoring a superstar.

Mike’s big take away… It all comes down to your ability to sell and copywriting skills!

Which brings us to our next Superstar to join the stage.

Brian Fanale – Copywriting Master
Co-Founder of MLSP and Live The Dream

Brian will tell you, the foundation of your business is copywriting!  A few of his mentors are: John Carlton, Ryan Deiss, and Dan Kennedy.

People buy on emotion and we must sell to that point!  Brian talked a lot about headlines, be it for an article or for video marketing.  Remember, play on emotions.

“How to Improve Your Business” or  “How to Stop Loosing Money In Your Business”

The 2 best ways to capture your audience with a headline are.

1. A promise- Something they can gain from.

2. A solution – A way to avoid pain

The 4 essential elements of a good sales message are:

1. Who Are You

2. What Do You Have

3. What Do They Need

4. How Can They Get It

It’s not about a product or the features of a product that people are looking for.  It’s about a SOLUTION to their problems.  If you are just starting out and not yet a leader, talk about the team you are with and how your team can make them successful.

Use fear and warnings along with secrets in your headlines.  Create mystery and make them want to find out more.

Brian’s great take away: “There are no broke good copywriters”  Ha, how true is that.

My advice, invest some time and money into your copywriting skills.  Your site and bank account will see a significant boost in traffic and leads. The money is in the list, BUT… without great copywriting skills, there won’t be a list.

For me, Live The Dream was probably the most effective use of educational money spent all year.  They could have charged triple and I would still feel the same.  (But I’m really glad they didn’t) :)

Day 1 – Live The Dream – That’s a Wrap!

What a great day of a 2 part series. I met a lot of really cool people, all there to – Live The Dream and we had a great time.  I’ll be posting Day 2 soon so if you want to know what Jerry Clark, Daegan Smtih,Tracey Walker and David Wood had to say, be sure and check back.

Do me a favor, IF you enjoyed this post, share it with others and please leave me a comment below.

As the headline states, Live The Dream is all about helping you achieve your dreams.  You can get there from here!  So make the decison to get started and Live The Dream!

Thanks for visiting my site!
Richard Petrillo

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  • Richard Petrillo 10/07/2010,

    Hey Becky,
    You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by.
    Next time for sure!


  • Becky Johnson 10/07/2010,

    Hi Richard,
    I was not able to get to this event, so thanks for sharing all the highlights. Sounds like it was a great time, sorry I missed it…next time.
    Becky Johnson

  • Richard Petrillo 10/07/2010,

    Thanks Joe,

    Looks like I need to check out your SEO Writing Tips!

    Take good care,

  • Joe Shaw 10/07/2010,


    Awsome event! Thanks for filling us in on what we missed! Talk to you soon my friend.

    Joe Shaw
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  • Richard Petrillo 10/06/2010,

    Thanks Erika,

    If you get the chance next year all I can say is, don’t miss it! It was amazing.

    I hope you enjoy Day 2 – There were some great speakers that day also. I really learned a lot, especially from David Wood, he has quite the story.

    Thanks again,

  • Erika Olson 10/06/2010,


    I loved this post! Thank you so much for sharing such great valuable information. A lot of people may not have shared the points that you did, and that’s very encouraging.

    Perhaps next year I’ll go to the event, and now I need to read your Day 2 post!


  • Richard Petrillo 10/05/2010,

    Hey Jerry,

    I owe it all to you! Thanks for the introduction into this great world of Network Marketing!


  • Richard Petrillo 10/05/2010,

    Hi Kathy,

    It really was a fantastic opportunity and I am grateful to my sponsor Ray Higdon for introducing me to MLSP. Anyone looking to build a presence online should take a look at what they offer. I may as well take this opportunity for a selfish plug 😉 I have a link on my resources page if interested. Honestly, if you don’t join with me, no big deal. If you’re looking to grow your business, just join. It will change your business forever.
    The Jetson’s, ha… So true, look what has happened in the last 3 years. I can’t even imagine what’s next.

    Nicole was amazing and you are so right! 1% of the prospects out there are the true leaders. Here’s to finding and working with the 1%. They are out there, and it only takes but a few to ignite your business.

    Thanks again Kathy for your insight, great comment!
    Take good care,

  • Jerry C 10/05/2010,

    The information you discussed looks amazing. I’m so glad you found your passion.Very cool.


  • Kathy G 10/05/2010,

    What a fantastic opportunity!

    I agree with the Baby Boomer comments! We must cater to this huge market in a manner in which they understand. Business Opportunity meetings need a facelift. It seems that we are living in a time when the Network Marketing industry is maturing. We have tools and systems that are evolving on a constant basis now. The world we live in is so much smaller today than it was even 10 years ago. Our ability to communicate globally has increased in ways that we used to think were cool on ‘The Jetson’s’. Just imagine the next 10 years!

    Nicole said, “The truly successful people in this business figure things out on their own.” I can’t even tell you how true this comment is! In my mind, I refer to the prospects who are true leaders as the 1% out there. It is so important to recruit up from yourself if you want a wildly successful business. These are the people who see the opportunity, create their own vision and have the inner tenacity to make it work….at all cost! It is always best when you recruit a leader who hangs with you for a short time to soak it all in and then kindly says, “Thanks, now get out of my way!”

    I’m so glad that you are having a powerful time. I look forward to more of your great notes :)

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