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Google Slaps The New Arizona Immigration Law

google slap

Google Slap! – The New Arizona Immigration Law Slapped Hard!

Without getting all political here, doesn’t  it seem a bit crazy how our government can sue the state of Arizona for trying to implement a law that the Federal Government won’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for “legal” immigrants in this great country of ours. Heck, thats how it all started!  I just feel for the millions of people waiting years to become citizens (the Legal way) it seems like a SLAP in the face!  Speaking of getting Slapped…

What is a Google Slap?

It’s not a good thing and you should avoid it all costs.

Basically it is a term used in the Google AdWords world which is used by large and small business alike to advertise their business on different websites.  You know all those advertisements you see on web pages where it says….  Ads by Google… And then it lists several one or two line ads that you are supposed to click on.

Each time someone clicks on those ads, the advertiser is charged per click. Better known as “Pay Per Click” (PPC) advertising.  Well, those ads are key-word specific and MUST relate to the content of your website or landing page. Otherwise it’s a possible cause for the google slap.  IF that happens, the cost of those keywords can end up costing anywhere from $.05 to $10 dollars per click.

If Google determines that your keywords are not relevant to the content of your website, or if your site is of subpar standards, or even if it loads too slow, Google may decide to SLAP you.  Ouch!… Because what that can amount to is much higher fees per click based on those keywords.  They can raise the price as high as $10.00 per click and if you’re a small business that is working on a budget, you can see what that will do to your advertising dollars in hurry.

A Google Slap will also reduce your page rankings (PR) and that instantly means you will pay more to have your ads show up through AdWords, making it impossible for the small guy to do business.

It seems about the only way to combat a Google Slap is to buy a new domain name and start all over.  It’s next to impossible to fight a giant like Google.  Kinda like sending your little league team up against the N.Y. Yankees. We all know how that is going to turn out.

You might try deleting that AdWord campaign, copying and pasting all of your Ad Groups into a new campaign and see if that doesn’t do the trick.

I’ve also heard it’s possible to save all of your hard work by getting rid of all the “slapped” keywords, deleting that  campaign and start over.  More than likely you will just have to buy a new domain name and start from scratch.  :(

As you can see “The Google Slap” can be a real pain in the ?%*

Thanks for taking the time!
Richard Petrillo

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