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Are You Still Shooting Blanks In Your Network Marketing Business?

Network Marketing Business

If your not implementing these 4 things, chances are this is what’s holding you back in your Network Marketing business.

Far too often people get started in MLM with the idea of, little effort, big rewards. Well, it doesn’t work that way in life, especially in business. When is the last time a world champion boxer got his title without massive effort and training on a daily basis?

Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why you may not have achieved the success you deserve or expected in your home business. I believe these 4 elements are key to running any successful business.

1. Consistency 

2. Self Development

3. Planning or Goal Setting

4. Leverage


Not having a daily routine in place and sticking to it is the single biggest reason you are still shooting blanks in your network marketing business.

My number one daily action suggestion is to connect with 5 new people everyday. We live in an age where social media makes this a simple task. If you’re not building new relationships and prospecting daily then it’s next to impossible to be successful.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Forums are just a few ways to meet new people online. Don’t forget about offline prospecting too. Meet-up groups and other networking functions are a great way to get in front of new people.

With over 800 million users, Facebook is probably the best place to make new connections. Here’s a little known tip that you can use daily to see what people are talking about on Facebook. It’s a great way to target people in your niche in order to start up a conversation.

It’s called OpenBook and here’s how it works.

This is a realtime search engine that allows you to plug in a keyword which then goes out and scours all the Facebook updates of what people talking about regarding that keyword. It breaks it down to how long ago a person made a comment, shows their profile picture along with a link to their FB profile, and gives a blurb about their post. You can scan through the list and find interesting people to connect with.

It’s a powerful way to get involved in a conversation by leaving a comment. If you can add value with your comment to the discussion, chances are people in that discussion will be curious and seek out more information about you and ultimately befriend you.

You can make friend requests yourself but, I would do that with a bit of caution. Use the 80/20 rule and let them connect with you 80% of the time.

It’s best to see if people will respond to your comment first before friend requesting everyone, you don’t want to come off spammy.

Consistency really is key and it doesn’t matter what method you chose to use, the important thing is to connect with at least 5 people a day to build up your warm market.

Self Development

There are tens of thousands of books on self development available today. The popular ones most of us are familiar with are:

“How To Win Friends & Influence People” Dale Carnegie

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Stephen R. Covey

“Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill”

“Awaken the Giant Within” Anthony Robbins

I believe spending 30 minutes a day working on YOU is an important piece of the puzzle to becoming successful in any business, and life in general. I highly recommend any of the books above but want to share a particular book with you that can be life changing.

It’s called Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

The book itself is light on content with only about 180 pages but the power lies within the Strengths Finder Test, which shows you what your top 5 strengths are. The results may surprise you. Once you have an idea of your top strengths, you have a foundation to build upon them. Zero in on your top two and refine them to further your networking and business skills.

There is a special code included in each book that takes you to a website where you will take the test. Be mindful though, you can only take the test one time so…  I recommend waiting until your are relaxed, somewhat stress free, and have the time to devote your undivided attention to it for the most accurate results.

Planning and Goal Setting

Network Marketing or Internet marketing are no different than any other business and require putting together a solid Business Plan. Lay out your 12 month plan on paper, don’t think just having it all in your head is good enough. Once it’s down on paper, refer back to it everyday to keep yourself on track.

Universities have done studies on Smart Goals and the results are as follows:

70% have no goals and objectives written down or practice verbal goals.

27% do not practice verbal goals

3% of people write and review their goals daily – this group of people equals 98% of the most successful/wealthily people on the planet. 

You must lay out your goals and vision for your Network Marketing Business! 

These are some things to take into consideration when putting together your network marketing business plan:

1. Where do you want to be in 3, 6, 12, and 18 months from now?

2. Form a financial perspective of what your revenue and profit goals will be.

3. What will your funding budget be for the first 3 months?

4. How and where will you market and advertise?

5. What systems will you use?

6. How many leads per day must you generate to reach your goal?

7. How do you plan on generating leads?

8. How will you keep track of results?


4 Main Ways to Use Leverage in Your Network Marketing Business!





In order to take full advantage of leverage in your Network Marketing Business, you must first become a master of one strategy. Start with one technique and perfect it to the point of being able to generate 10 leads a day. If you enjoy building your business online and are good with social networking, maybe Facebook is what you need to master.  If article marketing or YouTube videos are your thing, then spend the time and learn everything you can to master that technique.

The ultimate goal of using leverage in any business is to work less hours per week, and produce more results without actually having to do the work. That’s why leveraging through a system is such a powerful strategy. Once in place, it can run on autopilot.

Think of who can you partner with in your networking circle to leverage your time and efforts?

This can be beneficial to everyone involved. If someone on your team has mastered setting up systems, or marketing, etc. Pool your resources together and form a group to work on building your network marketing business together. Building a strong connection with your downline and teammates is the best way to insure success in your business.

In closing, incorporating these simple steps won’t happen overnight, it will take time and effort on your part. Becoming involved with a Network Marketing Business can be extremely rewarding and allow you the time and financial freedom we all deserve.

So if you’re tired of shooting blanks in your network marketing business, give these tips a try.

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and ideas. I would love to hear what’s working for you right now!

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Stop Chasing The Dream – You Can Make It Happen!

What goal setting process are you using  for your Network Marketing Business?


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  • Richard Petrillo 08/12/2012,

    Hi Hussein,

    In short, choose your short, mid & long term goals. Where you want to be in 6 months, 12 months and 5 years from now.
    Write down a few realistic goals for each. Example: Short Term – 6 months from now – You want to be making how much per month?
    If one of your goals is to start a blog, list it and where you will be with it in 6 months.

    Do this for each goal. Post it someplace you will be able to view it each day. Carry a copy of it with you in your wallet and look at it several times a day. Keep your focus on your goals and do a little each day to reach your goals.
    Be specific, if you want a new car, write down the color, interior, leather or cloth, GPS, everything you want in your dream car, write it down… Same with your long term goal. Visualize where you want to live, what kind of home, how many bedrooms, etc.

    Here’s an article you may find useful!

    Hope this helps!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Are You Still Shooting Blanks In Your Network Marketing Business?My Profile

  • Hussein Abdur-Razzaq 07/25/2012,

    Great read, Richard. Really appreciate this piece.
    Am a firm believer in Network Marketing and determined to make it work for me and others.
    My first problem is with goal setting! How do I get this done?

    Thank you

  • Richard Petrillo 07/11/2012,

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks, you’re right outsourcing isn’t always possible but great when it can be done. Your point about about consistency is #1 in my book!

    Thanks again!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted..LeadSkimmer – A Secret Weapon To Generating Quality MLM Leads?My Profile

  • Chris 07/09/2012,

    Hi Richard, all of your points are great, especially #4 – levereage.
    I like automation and outsourcing (of course sometimes it’s not possible 🙁 ), but without planning and consistancy it doesn’t make sence.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Chris recently posted..How to Get Likes on Facebook – 500 and More FB Likes in 2 days!My Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 07/06/2012,

    Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for the comment and kind words about the image on this post. It’s one of my very very early works when I first started out in photography.

    Great point about spinning your wheels and I love the “better version of you inside waiting to come out.” That is SO true!

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..5 Biggest Obstacles to Overcome in Your Internet Marketing Business!My Profile

  • Sarah 07/06/2012,

    First I must say that I love the image you have to go along with this post! I am a firm believer in setting WRITTEN goals and if you don’t you will still be in the same place a year from now, spinning your wheels. Personal development I absolutely agree with and stand 100% behind. There is always a better version of you inside waiting to come out!!! Thanks for the great content!

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