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5 Biggest Obstacles to Overcome in Your Internet Marketing Business!

There are many obstacles you will need to overcome in your internet marketing business…

You are going to find different obstacles at every stage when you start an Internet Marketing Business.  

If you are new to online internet marketing, be it a network marketing/MLM company, an affiliate business, or just an old fashioned brick and mortar business; your challenges will be the same. Some of the most common obstacles to overcome in your Internet Marketing Business will be:

Obstacles to overcome in your internet marketing business

Objections – Money, Time, I’m not a salesmen…
Fear of Rejection – Some people can’t deal with hearing the word No!
Ridicule – What people will think. Naysayers and Negativity! 
I don’t have enough people to talk to about my opportunity!
Cost of advertising!

The list goes on and on. Many are very valid obstacles that do need to be overcome in order for your business to succeed!

These are the 5 biggest obstacles to overcome in your internet marketing business:

1. Know Your Target Audience

Marketing = Your Audience – Who Are You Talking To? 
You will waste a lot of time, effort, and money by talking to the wrong group of people!

Do a little market research on your own. It’s easy enough these days with all that is available online. Simple Google research in your niche market is going to tell you a lot about what people are looking for.

Arbitron offers a great service if you are willing to dig deeper and pay for your research. They will often publish free studies, as will Scarborough.

Don’t try to and go after too broad of a market, take the time to narrow your audience down. Its better reach a smaller percentage of people interested and ready to buy what you have to offer, as opposed to a large percentage who couldn’t care less and will never buy!

As the old saying goes: “People will buy when they are ready to buy, NOT when you are ready to sell.” 

Regardless of what product or service you are selling, keep this one thing in mind and your business will increase 10 fold.

Your product or service can be found in a hundred or even thousands of other places. Network marketing companies have tens of thousands of reps all going after the same piece of the pie.

People aren’t necessarily looking for your product or service because…

1. They may have no idea who you are.
2. That your product even exists.

What they are looking for leads us directly to point #2 .

2. Know How To Speak To Your Target Audience

People are looking to for a solution to the frustration they are having.  No matter what the product or service is, offer the solution to their problem with your marketing if you want to make the sale and a happy customer!

Anyone looking to buy a Saw wasn’t really looking for a Saw, they were looking to make a Cut. In your marketing, offer them the solution on “How to make the perfect cut” and chances are they will buy your Saw.

Anyone can advertise a saw, but by giving away or inexpensively selling the solution on how to make a perfect cut every time, you’ll stand out from the competition.

3. Know How To Gain Trust From Your Prospects

People buy from those they know, like and trust! So how do you gain your prospects or potential customers trust?

By leading with value and willingly offer solutions to their problems with no expectations in return.

Sounds cliche but the more you give, the more you get in return. Build your “Brand” by offering one solution at a time. Research and figure out what people need in their network marketing business, then provide the answers free of charge. (In most cases). This will “Brand” you as a leader, people will naturally want to follow you, eventually leading to a sale down the road.

4. Know How To Inspire Your Team, or Downline

Typically you will hear your upline and others say to sit down with your new team member and get them to write out their “Why” and “Make A List” of 100 names… It’s a good to find out what his or her goals are, what they expect to accomplish, and their dreams, if you are going to help them overcome obstacles and the road blocks along the way.

While I agree, these are all very important, equally if not more important  to ask is:

“What Are Their Fears?” 

You will never fully be able to inspire and motivate people without this tidbit of information.

Trying to motivate someone who has a fear of water, boats, or sailing, to win your company contest and an all expense paid cruise around the world for sponsoring X amount of people is like; trying to motivate someone who’s allergic to histamines and sulfites to a week’s trip in the wine country. It won’t happen, they will shut down because they haven’t yet learned how to deal with their phobia.

If the goal is to motivate your teammate to sponsor more people, and you had taken the time to learn about their fears, you would have take an entirely different approach, right?

You don’t know what you don’t know until you ask!  Really take the time to understand your teammate, prospects, and customers. Find out what keeps them awake at night and play to that emotion.

There are two main motivators, Pleasure & Pain. Both speak to emotions, with pain being the bigger motivator. If you can learn what pains people are going through and provide  them solutions, you will be perceived as a leader that people will flock to follow.

5. Know How To Drive Traffic, Generate Leads, & Close The Deal!

If you’ve been in this industry for any length of time you have come up against the age old problem of having enough people to talk to about your opportunity. After you have gone through your warm market of leads, where do you turn? Volumes have been written on how to generate leads and closing the deal. I’ve found some great info at eHow Money.  http://www.ehow.com/network-marketing/

As for how to drive traffic for your internet marketing business, well, there are numerous ways and strategies you can adopt.

Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google or Facebook PPC, Solo Advertising, Blogging, Classified Ads and many more.  I’ve done several articles on how to drive traffic which you can find right here on my blog, but I want to share a site dedicated to SEO called, The Daily SEO Blog: If you are blogger, SEO is major component to driving traffic!  You will find a wealth of info on their site.

If you are looking for a completely free method of driving traffic, my biggest source of traffic and leads are coming from Twitter. Currently I receive over 1156 visits to my site each month via Twitter.

It has been such a large part of my traffic and sales that I was recently invited to be a guest speaker for a webinar series titled “The Secrets To Lead Generation”  You can have free access to the webinar here:  http://multi-viralmarketing.com/webinar-cap/

In closing, Jay Abraham said it best: “Most entrepreneurs fall in love with the wrong thing. They fall in love with their own company or products/services instead of falling in love with their clients and prospects. Your whole business success will change massively when you enhance peoples lives and situations.”
Ask yourself this: Would you follow and buy from YOU? If not, then start making the effort to offer more value to those you are trying to reach. Set your target on Who you want to work with, learn to provide solutions, and go out and connect with them on that level.
5 biggest obstacles to overcome in your internet marketing business

 Richard Petrillo,
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  • Richard Petrillo 02/05/2014,

    Thanks Sajjal!
    Knowing who and how to speak to your target audience is key.
    I appreciate you stopping by!

  • Richard Petrillo 01/07/2014,

    Thanks Alesha,
    What business are you planning on doing?

    Best of luck!

  • Richard Petrillo 01/07/2014,

    Well put Ed,
    I agree, Passion is 95% of the equation. Lacking knowledge can be overcome if you have the passion and desire to learn. The more we learn, the more valuable we become and the more we can offer our prospects, clients or customers.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Alesha 12/06/2013,

    Lovely blog! You’ve raised nice points Richard! Worth keeping in mind. I’m planning do to business online and I think I’ve hit your blog on the right time. All I can say for good business online we just need to implement proper strategies knowing what the audience will get attracted to.

  • ed 12/01/2013,

    Henry Ford said “Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service.”

    If you’re passionate about that useful service – you’ll succeed every time.

    Desire and passion coupled specialized knowledge are the secret ingredients to any successful endeavor – which is why it’s so important for people, including those looking to make a buck online – to get into niches that truly interest them and they are passionate about.

    My niches include politics, metal detecting, fine cigars and vintage U.S. coins. Knowing this – why would I begin a blog on the lottery?

    Do what you love – and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

    Great article …
    ed recently posted..Here Comes the Obama 3.0 Third Term Rhetoric – Could it Happen?My Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 10/05/2013,

    Thanks Chris, I appreciate the kind words and you adding to the discussion.
    I agree, there are a lot of scams out there… I’ve found the best way to learn is from connecting with other bloggers who put out quality content. Almost everyone is trying to sell something online but the ones who consistently offer great content, if they are selling something I am looking for, 8 out of 10 times it usually is worth the money.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • Chris Adim12 10/04/2013,

    Engaging with your audience is key in this business – it was one of the first lessons taught to me by mentor and remains one of the most important.

    I thought I should mention a sixth point ( if you don’t mind! ) – poor offers ( or scams ). All newbie marketers should be made aware of the rubbish services that are out there presently. Remember – whatever they offer can be learned by you and carried out to a high level with practice.

    Great posting by the way richard, nice writing style,

  • Sajjal 08/10/2013,

    Hi Richard, A Very informative post with each valid point. Speaking to Target audience is the must for internet marketing.
    Sajjal recently posted..Tips for Successful BusinessMy Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 07/06/2013,

    Thanks Jack,
    I appreciate you stopping by.

  • Jack 07/05/2013,

    I too agree with Richard. This post makes an excellent read for any SEO as well as internet marketing person. I especially liked the way how you have dealt with the “Know How To Drive Traffic, Generate Leads, & Close The Deal! ” matter. Thanks again for sharing this very informative post.

  • Richard Petrillo 06/22/2013,

    Thanks Julieta,

    Obstacles are just stepping stones, they will always present themselves, it’s how we deal with them that counts! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you have a great weekend!


  • Julieta 06/20/2013,

    Hello Richard! I am pretty impressed with this article of yours. It is definitely true that Internet Marketing Business is not that easy as they say. Big obstacles are always on the way to succeed. When these 5 obstacles of yours will be conquered, i bet that business will flow smoothly and it will definitely pay off. Thanks for posting this. I really like this article.
    Julieta recently posted..By: AaronMy Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 06/13/2013,

    Hey Richard,
    Thanks for your comment and adding to the discussion. I agree, SEO is a major component to driving traffic.
    Thanks again for stopping by!

  • Richard Thompson 06/13/2013,

    Well done, this guide covers a lot of the basics from the concepts and hurdles point of view. Something I would also recommend is using all of this information (target audience, etc.) in conjunction with the traditional SEO tactics. If you know your audience, you can design your website to cater to them, and provide content on your blog, website, and social media profiles that is specifically designed for them. Almost every aspect of SEO is dependent on the 5 obstacles you outlined in the article. Great read.
    Richard Thompson recently posted..What is Conach Marketing Group?My Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 04/12/2013,

    Hi Yogesh,

    Thanks, I agree! It took me a while to figure out how to really zero in on my target audience. But listening and learning what some of their fears are has also made a big difference in the growth and duplication of my team.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Yogesh 04/12/2013,

    Hi Richard, A Very informative post with each valid point. Speaking to Target audience is the must for internet marketing.
    Yogesh recently posted..How to Use Different Types of Internet MarketingMy Profile

  • Stuart Bazga 03/15/2013,

    Hi Richard,

    A very informative post with some great tips.

    I fully agree that if you can solve their pain, you are 99% read to seal the sale.

  • Richard Petrillo 09/07/2012,

    Hey Thanks Etieno!

    You’ve got it my friend! Lead with value and solve problems. Thanks for comment and advice!

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Affiliate Marketing Programs – Network Referral Systems Review!My Profile

  • Etieno Etuk 08/29/2012,

    Awesome post, Richard. Knowing your target audience is usually the key to successful marketing. Once you know your target audience, you can find out where they hang out and post your message in those places to attract their attention. Always be sure to give value to your target audience because that’s what will stick in their minds the most. Aim at solving the problems of your target audience and you will succeed.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Etieno Etuk recently posted..Prospecting Tips – How To Develop RapportMy Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 07/11/2012,

    I appreciate your comment and glad to hear you found some value here.
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Are You Still Shooting Blanks In Your Network Marketing Business?My Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 06/10/2012,

    Thanks Zaida,

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment. If you need help with anything let me know!

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Funded Proposal vs Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  • Zaida Yap 06/07/2012,

    Very good article! This is really informative, you really come up with a good tips for IM, this would really be helpful for me as I am now struggling with my site, Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Zaida Yap recently posted..BrokerMy Profile

  • Richard Petrillo 06/04/2012,

    Thanks Steve,
    Yeah, it’s vital… Equally important is knowing our own strengths. A friend turned me onto a book called “Strengths Finder” I’m looking forward to getting it and going through the evaluation process.

    Richard Petrillo recently posted..Funded Proposal vs Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  • Steve Dooley 06/03/2012,

    Great post! I was not aware of Arbitron or Scarborough……this seem like great resources to do Niche Market Research. It is so true that you MUST know your target audience – how else will you be able to solve their problems with your products or opportunity?

  • NextWeb 06/01/2012,

    Thanks for the great social media checklist, its a very impressive post and content which is very user friendly. so thanks for sharing this type of things with us.

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